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    My name is 000 and I am 27 years old. I grow in a simple town in Yun-Lin. The relationship with my family is warm and harmonious. I inherited my parents' honset character that let me know do anything have to step by step. My hobbies are playing basketball and listening to the music. Sometimes I ride bicycle during holidays. I enlist in a unite of helicopter in town Shin-She, Taichun county. I was attened a ground staff that I learn a good lesson of doing thing. It helps me grow up and learn the basic of collaborative teamwork. In my furure career, I expect I can find a stable job and also expect I will have a achievement in different domains.

    Source(s): myself >>>並非全正確,有些自己有稍微修改語意,請笑納!
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    Source(s): 很不錯的求職面試翻譯部落格
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