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(中翻英) 有難度的文章,有請英文高手挑戰與幫忙! 給20點




1. 機會:HTC和全球重要電信業者之合作形成連鎖效應。從法國電信、德國電信推廣智慧型手機成功之案例帶動其他電信業者跟進詢價,欲複製相同之合作模式以減少採購成本,並拓展行動用戶數據服務市場,奠定未來無線通訊領域之基礎。用戶在乎智慧型手機的功能,對特定作業平台並無偏好或忠誠度。寬頻時代來臨會改變用戶習慣,利用手機上網傳輸。

2. 威脅:用戶在選擇手機仍舊在乎手機廠牌。完全以電信大廠、通路品牌之行銷方式仍難敵手機大廠在智慧型手機之積極佈局。而台灣代工廠之惡性競爭及低價策略將快速複製和電信業者合作之模式。另一方面手機大廠為降低生產成本,提供技術支援,委託台灣廠商代工高階之智慧型手機,進行市場滲透。而同屬於高階手機之功能型手機產品轉型、數據功能強化,亦會威脅智慧型手機在市場之位置。


1. 優勢:擁有豐富之研發經驗及在手持裝置上之基礎,加上合作夥伴極力支持,開發相關應用技術。既有的客戶包含電腦大廠、手機大廠、通路配銷商及服務供應商亦熟稔通訊裝置之通路,能多方運用既有之客戶關係,推廣其智慧型手機。

2. 劣勢:成長快速但基礎建設無法跟上市場開發之速度,使後勤運籌無法立即支援前線接單,反應市場波動。產品屬於導入期或成長期之階段,多數物料未標準化或被少數廠商壟斷,購買之議價能力及市場物料反應能力差。公司快速成長、人員擴編太快,教育訓練不及,須培養、加強專業能力。

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    SWOT 分析: 篇幅大 分次翻譯:

    Environmental Analysis :

    1. Opportunity:

    The cooperation between HTC and the global important telecommunication manufacturers formed a linkage effect. The successful cases of promotion for smart mobile phone by French Telecommunication and Germany Telecommunication had brought about the other telecommunication manufacturers to follow for inquiry, in attempt to duplicate the similar cooperation model to reduce procurement cost and to exploit the data service market for customers on mobile devices, therefore to consolidate the foundation of the wireless communication field for the future. What customers concern is the functionality of smart mobile phone rather than the preference or loyalty for particular operation platform. In coming Broadband Age, customers will change their habit of usage, to make use of mobile phone for internet communication.

    2. Threat :

    Customers still concern with brand image when selecting for mobile phone. Fully with the marketing style of the big telecommunication manufacturers and the channel brands are still hardly to compete with the big mobile phone manufacturers which are aggressively engaged in deployment for smart mobile phone. And the unfair competition and low price strategy among Taiwan OEM manufacturers will quickly duplicate the cooperation model with the telecommunication manufacturers. On the other hand, in order to reduce production cost, the big mobile phone manufacturers provide technical supports and consign Taiwan OEM manufacturers to produce high-end smart mobile phone for them to carry on market penetration. Furthermore functional type mobile phones which also belong to high-end mobile phone products are transformed to enhance data function, this will also threaten the smart mobile phone in market position

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    Resource Analysis:

    1.Strength:Possess with ample experience in research and development (R&D) and foundation on hand-hold devices, together with the full supports from cooperation partners, to develop related application technology.

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    Existing customers include big PC manufacturers, big mobile phone manufacturers, channel distributors and service providers, all are familiar with channels of communication devices, therefore can employ existing customer relationship in various aspects to promote the smart mobile phone.

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    2.Weakness: The business growth is rapid enough while the infrastructure can not keep pace with market development, such that logistics can not immediately supported the front-line order fulfillment and response to market fluctuation.

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    The product belongs to introduction stage or growth stage and most materials did not be standardized or are monopolized by a few manufacturers. The procurement negotiation ability and the responsive ability for market materials are poor.

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    With company rapidly grows up, personnel amount expands too fast, while the education and training are inadequate, therefore personnel need to cultivate and enhance their professional competence.

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    1. And the unfair competition ....=> Meanwhile, the unfaircompetition ......

    2. Furthermore functional =>Furthermore, the functional ...

    3. immediately supported... => immediately support...

    4. most materials did not be ...=> most materials do not be...

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    1. And the unfair competition ....=> Meanwhile, the unfair competition ......

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    The environment is analytical:

    1. Chance:HTC and the cooperation of global important telecommunication operator become a catena effect.Arouse other telecommunication operators to follow inquiry from the case of French telecommunication, German smart phone success of the telecommunication expansion, want to make duplicate the mode of cooperation of homology with the decrease purchasing cost, and expand action customer the market of the data service, lay the foundation of the wireless communication realm in future.The customer cares the function of smart phone and has no hobby or loyalty to the particular operation system.The times of the broadband's coming will change customer's habit and make use of a cellular phone to deliver on the Internet.

    2. Threaten:The customer is choosing that the cellular phone still keeps caring cellular phone brand.Complete with the marketing of the telecommunication big factory, thoroughfare brand still difficult enemy machine big factory is in the smart phone of aggressive set up.And unfair competition and low price strategy of Taiwanese labor's factory will quickly make duplicate with the mode of the telecommunication operator's cooperation.On the other hand the cellular phone big factory in order to reduce production cost, provide a technique support, entrust the smart phone of Taiwanese manufacturer's labor's high level, carry on a market to permeate.And Be belonged to the same to the function type cellular phone product of high level cellular phone to transform, the data function enhance, will also threaten a smart phone in the position of market.

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    The resource is analytical:

    1. Advantage:Own abundant development experience and in hand hold the foundation of device, plus cooperation partner to make every effort support, develop a related

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    big factory, thoroughfare to go together with to sell business and service supplier the well-experienced in communication also equips of thoroughfare, can in many ways make use of current customer's relation, expand its smart phone

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    2. Bad situation:The growth is fast but the infrastructure can't keep up with the speed of market development, can't make the logistic strategy immediately supported front connect a list, respond market motion.The product belongs to the stage of ducting period or growth period, most

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    materials didn't standardize or few manufacturer's monopolies, purchase of the negotiation ability and the reaction ability of the market material is bad.The company quickly grows

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    up, the personnel expand a plait too fast, training can not compare with, must develop, strengthen professional ability.

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