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Brendan S asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

what is pf chang's hockey?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The PF Chang’s Tier I hockey organization is dedicated to helping AAA level hockey players realize their athletic and academic dreams. The organization was formed to provide the very best in hockey development, sportsmanship, integrity, coaching and exposure for the elite hockey player playing in the State of Arizona. By balancing on-ice and off-ice instruction with an emphasis on family, schoolwork, discipline and work ethic, it is our goal to provide each youth hockey player with the opportunity of a lifetime.

    While the PF Chang’s organization was formed in 2006, the dream of developing a Tier 1 program in Arizona has its roots in many years of planning and preparation. The organization was formed through the efforts of USA Hockey Volunteer Coach of the Year and 13 year National Hockey League Defenseman Jim Johnson bringing together the elite players to compete at a highly competitive level. Jim believed that by forming such an organization, talented Arizona hockey players need not leave the state of Arizona to experience the highest level of competitive hockey in North America.

    A key moment in the history of PF Chang’s hockey came when Rick Federico, President of the P.F. Chang’s restaurant company, agreed to provide seed money to help Johnson realize the dream of creating the Tier 1 organization in Arizona. It was through Mr. Federico’s and Jim Johnson’s efforts and support that we are here today. The generosity will be appreciated by so many young athletes in the years to come.

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  • 1 decade ago

    PF Changs is an ameteur AAA hockey program located in Arizona. They have many different age levels up to 18 years old. They are a relatively new team in the Tier 1 hockey league which includes teams from california all the way to the midwest. They move many kids on to play junior A, division 1 college, and professional hockey...this is a great up and coming program

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