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Thom Yorke's alternate Hail to the Thief track listing...?

While Hail to the Thief was well-received, it is not Radiohead's most celebrated album. The most common criticism: it needed to be shorter. Critics didn't criticize the song themselves, but felt, as a whole, a few could've been cut for a tighter listening experience. Thom Yorke, responding to the criticism, posted this alternate HTTT track listing on his blog:

"out of the gutters.

i found this>

there there

the gloaming

sail to the moon

sit down. stand up

go to sleep





a wolf at the door



IMO, it's interesting, but flawed. I'm especially not fond of the idea of "2+2=5" and "Myxomatosis" being side-by-side. I love how the frantic end of "2+2=5" goes into the edgy, subtle drum machine opening of "Sit Down. Stand Up." on the album.


David, how dare you. lol "A Punchup at a Wedding" may be my favorite song on the album!

I wasn't into "We Suck Young Blood" on the first few listens, but it's grown on me. It could easily have been a B-side though.

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    hm... I'll have to check it out later. Sounds pretty interesting though.

    I do really enjoy Punch-up - its ended up being one of my favorites too... but I'm interested in seeing how it changes the flow of the album - it not being there.

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    Hail To The Thief

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    I can't believe i missed this question! D: got no mail! Three things get better with age: Cheese, Wine, and Thom Yorke :) and possibly honey... My favorite song by Radiohead is Reckoner It's got a special spot with me, because it was the song that got me into them (it took a little time though) Favorite performance by Thom Yorke is probably Cymbal Rush You probably know by now that Radiohead is also my favorite band too :) good to share that with someone. I hope Radiohead can keep on making the wonderful music they make, and happy (late) birthday to Thom Yorke. ^_^

  • there there should have definitely been the opener, they open all their concerts with it. a punch up at a wedding is a great song

    do not forget about backdrifts and i will

    its hard to comment on this when its missing so many songs

    i know that when i first got the album, some parts seemed to drag

    speaking of changes radiohead made before putting together an album: did you know that the original opening line for knives out was "i want you to know, you have the most beautiful eyes" instead of "he's not coming back"

    i would have liked that better

    it is easy to get lost in dead air space

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  • It would have been interesting had that been the original tracking order, but like you said it would have been flawed. I'm happy with the way the track list is.

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    Pretty good actually, he left off all the ones which I dislike "We Suck Young Blood", "Backdrifts" "Punch Up At A Wedding".

    Might as well have included "I Will", since it's less than 2 minutes long.

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