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could any guy ever like me??i feel so uggly:(?

what do ya think of my personality?? GUYS!- WOULD YOU DATE ME?? I'M 15 DEC. 15 BTW

I AM 5'3...103 POUNDS...oops caps was on...anyways

-dark brown hair

-pale skin that tans in summer(slightly)

-brown/green/teal eyes

-wear old navy, aeropostale, american eagle, CONVERSE!! flats

-i have long legs

- i rarely wear skirts

-my hair length is just past my chin

-i have no inner self esteem

-sometimes i talk about how gorgeous i am, but i'm jk

-i call myself ugly all the time

- quote from me, everyday "UGGGH! my hair is awful today"

-i love rock/alternative/emo music oh..and pop

-i am very clutzy, and laugh at myself constantly

-my first reaction to everything is screaming. haha

-i'm a ***** if your *****, other than that, i'm sweet as chocolate, jk

-i hate preppy girls

-i normally don't care what others think

-i do stuff that could get me grounded for a year!

-i'm not the prettiest girl, but i'm not the ugliest

-ALL my friends LOVE to make fun of me, because they say its so easy

- i am very wild, outgoing, erratic when i talk with my friends...and LOUD!!

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    You sound wonderful! as for the self esteem issues, everyone has them, no matter how strong they seem on the outside it's just an armor (SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE). I know it sounds cliched, but give it time and someone will come along, (just have realistic expectations when he does). Give out signals, a lot of guys are shy (there might be one who thinks you're absolutely gorgeous, but is too shy to ask for fear of rejection). Best of luck

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    No guy is going to like you if have no confidence in yourself. Asking a bunch of anonymous yahoo users if you're pretty does nothing for your confidence. You need to feel pretty yourself with searching for the praise of other people. When you can look at yourself and not "feel so ugly," then you're not going to be seen as ugly by anyone except the stupid people who really do not matter at all.

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    You are thinking to much. dont give in to your thoughts. you need to find the real truth, that truth is within you its what makes you wo u are.

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    You sound perfect.

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