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What 3 players were the most important from these teams of this season of the FMF?







Cruz Azul





San Luis



My Opinion:

Santos: Vuoso, "Guti" Estrada, Luduena

Pachuca: "Chaco" Gimenez, Correa, Miguel Calero

Atlante: "Hobbit" Bermudez, Pereyra, Alan Zamora

Indios: Santibanez, Maggiolo, Cirilo Saucedo

Chivas: "Pina" Arellano, Ramon Morales, Magallon

America: Ochoa, Cabanas, Insua

Cruz Azul: Zeballos, Jamie Lozano, Riveros

Pumas: Ismael Iniguez, Veron, Cacho

Tecos: Sandoval, "Tiburon" Sanchez, Robert de Pinho

Morelia: Droguett, Andres Mendoza, Wilson Tiago

Toluca: Zinha, Mancilla, Romagnoli

San Luis: Braulio Luna, Coudet, "Jagger" Martinez

Tigres: Lucas Lobos, Lucas Ayala, Hugo Sanchez G.

Atlas: Bottinelli, Luis Robles, Torres Nilo

What's your Opinion? (I don't mind if you name only a few, but 5 would be enough)


there's some teams I didnt put because of how bad they did, but if you want to add them on to your list, feel free and go ahead

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    Santos- Vuoso, Luduena, and Benitez

    Atlante- Vilar, Rey, and Maldonado

    Pachuca- Calero, Gimenez, and Correa

    Indios- Saucedo, Maggiolo, and Sandtibanez

    Chivas- Arellano, Magallon, and Morales

    America- Ochoa, Cabanas, and Moreno

    Cruz Azul- Zeballos, Lozano, and Yosgart

    Pumas- Cacho, Leandro, and Iniguez

    Tecos- Sandoval, Pony Ruiz, and De Pinho

    Morelia- Tiago, Mendoza, and Droguett

    Toluca- Cristante, Zinha, and Mancilla

    San Luis- Luna, Coudet, and Martinez

    Atlas- Bottinelli, Nilo, and Robles

    Tigres- Lobos, O. Perez, and Hugo Sanchez

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    Santos: Luduena, Arce, Oswaldo

    Atlante: "Hobbit"Bermudez, Pereyra, Villar

    Pachuca: "Chaco" Gimenez, Calero, Correa

    Indios: Santibanez, Maggiolo, Cirilo Saucedo

    Chivas: Arellano, Magallon, de la mora

    America: Ochoa, Cabanas, Silva

    Cruz Azul: Zeballos, Torrado, Riveros

    Pumas: Veron, Iniguez, Lopez

    Tecos: "Pony" Ruiz, de Pinho, Corona

    Morelia: Droguett, Mendoza, Wilson Tiago

    Toluca: Zinha, Cristante, Mancilla

    San Luis: Braulio Luna, Jagger Martinez, Adrain Martinez

    Atlas: Bogado, Bottinelli, Vargas

    Tigres: Lucas Lobos, Perez, marino

    Monterrey: Suazo,

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    Santos: Arce, Ludueña, Vuoso

    Atlante: Bermudez, Vilar, Pererya

    Pachuca: Calero, Chaco Gimenez, Marioni

    Indios: Maggioli, Saucedo

    Chivas: Reynoso, Morales, Arellano

    America: Insua, Ochoa, Cabañas

    Cruz Azul: Torrado, Zeballos, Dominguez

    Pumas: Bernal, Velarde, Zurdo Morales

    Tecos: Pony ruiz, De Pinho, Rafael Medina

    Morelia: Mendoza, Hernandez, Cervantes

    Toluca: Zinha, Lopez, da Silva

    San Luis: Luna, Martinez, I. Martinez

    Atlas Flores, Botinelli, Vidrio

    Tigres: Fonseca, Perez, Lobos

    Great Question by the way

  • I will put some

    America -Ochoa, Cabanas, Insua

    Chivas-Arellano, Magallon, Mamon Morales

    Tecos-Ruiz, Sandoval, De Pinho

    Pumas-Cacho, Martin Bravo, Veron

    Cruz Azul-Zeballos, Torrado, Dominguez

    Morelia-Mendoza, Wilson Thiago, Droguett

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  • 4 years ago

    Teams: Colts, Cowboys, Vikings Coaches: McDaniels (Broncos) - After this off-season, they will probably have to have a winning record for McDaniels to keep his job. Childress (Vikings) - Considered a Super Bowl favorite if they get Favre, anything short of the Super Bowl and he is going to be replaced. If they don't get Favre, another early playoff exit will cost him as well. Lewis (Bengals) - The team always seems to have some kind of problem, whether its injuries or off the field issues. I think they have to have a winning season for Lewis to keep his job. Players: Romo (Cowboys) - T.O. is no longer there to blame, so he needs to show improvement in the later part of the season or I think Dallas will start thinking about a replacement. Manning (Giants) - Talk of making him the highest paid player in the league, right now he can't live up to a contract such as that. If he gets that contract and continues to play like he has throughout his career, then I think the New York media will start calling for his head. To be honest, I'm surprised the Giants are even thinking of paying him $15 million a season to only complete 56% of his passes and turn the ball over at a rate of better than once per game. Young (Titans) - Could be out of the league come next off-season if he can't dethrone Collins. Young is due $12-14 million dollars for the 2010 season if he is still on the Titans. I doubt they will keep someone that expensive just to be the back-up.

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    ill just add some:

    Chivas: Arellano, Magallon, Morales

    America: Ochoa, Cabanas, Silva

    Tecos: De Pinho, Ruiz, Sanchez

    Morelia: Droguett, Wilson Tiago, E.Guzman

    Santos: Luduena, Vuoso, Sanchez

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    Chivas..arellano,magallon,morales america..ochoa,cabanas,insua cruz azul..torrado,zeballos,riveros santos..benites,luduena,sancez tigres..lobos,marino,perez,

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    Zinha big time...hes too good to be in mexico

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    i only ppicked one

    Santos: Vuoso, "Guti" Estrada, Luduena

    i think Guti is El tri material!

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