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Where does corruption exist today?


And what can we do to stop it?

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    Corruption exist all around you, from the cigarette packs put out by Phillip and Morris, to the major pharmaceutical companies that put out drugs that kill over 1000 people a day in overdoses, compared to 38 a day with pure illegal drugs. To CIA members who let cartels drop drugs on our side of the border in exchange for money, to corrupt presidents who lie to their people, to your local police men who turn a blind eye to the drug suppliers and instead make a living arresting fourteen your old ghetto corner dealers. Those are just some major examples, corruption floods our streets and in some ways capitalism, greed and the pursuit for the almighty dollar fuels the justification for corruption. Even legal things are corrupt, the Enron exec's the wall street brokers who tell you to buy one stock when they know it will fail, just so they can make a cut. The world is to some extent a corrupt place, and that's why nothing is fair,and sometimes good guys finish last. For the most part there's not much you can do about it, there will always be corrupt people just trying to make a few extra dollars, it's almost impossible to stop them because the corruption rises to high in the social and political fabric of our society to be controlled or arrested or put to an end.

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