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What are the good film colleges in Canada?

I'm going to apply to the confederation college in Ontario. But I would like to know if there are some other ones out their that might be good also. Like I've heard of YorkU and I know it is a good one too. Thanks

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    As far as "best," only you can determine what school is best for you as what YOU want to do as a career may be different from others.

    So the best thing YOU can do is contact all of the schools that interest you. That begins with research into the 54 Canadian film/TV university level programs that are listed in the "Filmschools" section of

    I'd also urge you to look into these programs which could help you get a foothold in the professional industry:

    CFTPA (Canadian Film & Television Production Association) MENTORSHIP PROGRAM

    Our National Mentorship Program trains young people to meet the demands of this evolving industry.

    151 Slater St., Suite 902

    Ottawa , ON

    K1P 5H3

    Tel: 613-233-1444 x232


    Toronto Film Orientation Workshop

    This two-day weekend workshop is an introduction to the working environment of technicians in the Toronto film industry. It covers all aspects of on-set protocol, health & safety issues and basic filmmaking principles that all crew members must be familiar with. Successful completion of this workshop is a requirement for making an application for non-member status in IATSE Local 873.

    IATSE Local 873 - Training Centre

    1315 Lawrence Ave. East , Unit 104

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC

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