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7 Biology Word Puzzles!?

Need Help with Bio Word Puzzle!

These are the definitions with details:

Basically words that have to do with the living organisms using ATP, NADH, NADPH, etc.

1) Anaerobic process where cells convert pyruvic acid into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol; carried out by many bacteria and fungi such as yeast.

[Has "L" for second letter and "R" for the 12th with 21 letters total]

2) Phase of photosynthesis where light energy is converted to chemical energy in the form of ATP; results in the splitting of water and the release of oxygen.

[Has "E" for 7th letter and 14 letters total]

3) Reaction taking place in the thylakoid membranes of a chloroplast during the light-dependent reactions where two molecules of water are split to form oxygen, hydrogen ions, and electrons.

[Has "T" for 4th letter and 10 letters total]

4) Series of reactions during the light-independent phase of photosynthesis in which simple sugars are formed carbon dioxide using ATP and hydrogen from the light-dependent reactions.

[Has "L" for 3rd letter and 11 letters total]

5) Phase of photosynthesis where energy from light-dependent reactions is used to produce glucose and additional ATP molecules.

[Has "L" for 1st letter and 16 letters total]

6) In cellular respiration, series of reactions that break down glucose and produce ATP; energizes electron carriers that pass energized electrons on to the electron transport chain.

[Has "E" for last letter and 15 letters total]

7) Series of proteins embedded in a membrane along which energized electrons are transported; as electrons are passed from molecule to molecule, energy is released.

[Has "T" for last letter and 17 letters total]

Please Help! No need to have ALL answers! Just whatever u can give me! ^^

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    well i don't remember all of them, but i've done this biology puzzle before and the ones i know are:

    4: calvin cycle

    6: citric acid cycle

    hope that helped

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    i dk i am doing a word puzzle too right now and i am stuck

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