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Is Kazakhstan a Modern Country?

Based upon the economic status of other nations in the Middle East, if you compare its political, economic and social impact on the middle east, would it be regarded as modern, please cite facts, and info and websites to use thanks!

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    I am from Kazakhstan.

    First of all, Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia and not in Middle East as you said.

    Second is what is your perception of "modern"? In my opinion yes, it is the modern country among other Central Asian countries like, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and e.t.c. In the capital Astana, and the biggest city Almaty, there are plenty of entertaining places. Many foreigners usually from USA, come to Kazakhstan, and most of them are shocked, by how Kazakhstan progressed and continues to progress. The GDP is growing by 9%, that is a big increase. Also, the GDP per ca pita is relatively higher, than other Central Asian countries. Kazakhstan rejected many EU "charity funds", and now most of them are concentrated on Tajikistan. To see Kazakhstan you have to visit it. Hope this helps!

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    Middle East?

    Central Asia is not the middle east! LOL

    Americans are so bad in Geography!


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    yes it is, but Americans are not allowed to travel there because is no embassy for amerikans

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