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[From personal experience] To achieve muscle definition do i.....? i:

1: Do low weights/high reps or vice versa


2: Low intensity cardio or HIIT?

I keep reading different things on the internet. I dont want to be bulky and ive been doing HIIT cardio but worried that ill be losing muscle!

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    You can't be bulky unless you specifically work to be bulky. That's how it goes. It's not an accident.

    1. High weights and low reps. This will give you more muscle to help you be defined.

    2. HIIT. Check out the muscle difference between a long-distance runner and a sprinter:

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    There is no such thing as training to be 'toned'. Your muscles can do one of three things; they can grow, they can get smaller or they can stay they same size.

    When someones body fat becomes lower it creates the illusion that they're muscles are becoming more 'toned' when in fact they are just becoming more visible because there is less fat around them.

    The only correlation between high reps and toned muscles is at that high rep training is predominately used for conditioning thus is used when people are trying to lose fat.

    HIIT is definitely the route to go, its great and keeps your body guessing.

    - Pat



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