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Law School or College ?

I plan to go to Law School after High School because it's just different , people always wanna go to college. I know I can win a case !

What about you , Law School or College ?

Which do you think is easier / harder and why ?

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    I'm starting law school in the fall, as was said you must have a bachelors before even applying and take the LSAT.You don't have to take a pre-law major, in fact many law schools prefer English/Philosophy majors. Also, it's competitive, as in unless you can finish your undergrad with above a 3.0 (closer really to 3.5) and an LSAT 155 (more like 165) consider something else.

    Also, depending on where you go can you afford it? My undergrad about about 60K and I went in state (all was paid by scholarships and grants) law school is going to be anywhere from 200K- 500K (20-60K per semester, average is around 40K).

    And there's so much more to the law than winning a trial (which is way more involved than most people realize, Law and Order leaves out a lot of the boring grunt work).

    I think you should probably think about it a little more.

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    Although the aba requires an undergraduate degree before going to law school, there are some programs that can make your life a little easier. For example, George Washington Law School guarantees admittance to their undergraduates. So you can finish both programs concurrently and save yourself sometime.

    Some states also allow people to take the Bar without ever having to attend law school. If you search hard enough you could just study for the Bar and move on with your life.

    With that being said, I would suggest that you stay as far away as possible from the legal career. This occupation sucks and it is nothing like what you see on t.v.. There are just too many people competing for too few jobs.

    If you really want to be different travel the world and help people. Do something meaningful before you can't. But whatever you do avoid this crappy profession at all cost.

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    You can't just go to Law school right out of high school. You have to major in pre-law at a college/ university and then you can apply to a law school after 2 or 4 years. Sorry. You may wanna do a lot of research.

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    Well you want university to visit legislation university. You ought to have a four 12 months undergrad measure and LSAT ranking to use to ABA accepted legislation colleges. Law university will most likely be more difficult in view that this is a graduate software, no longer below grad. Law university is way distinct than any schooling you are going to acquire at any place else. Do no longer come to legislation university for the legislation and order or another television glam, it's plenty of difficult paintings and no longer as cool as television makes it look.

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    You have to graduate from College and take the LSAT before applying to law school. Law school is much harder than College.

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    prostitution, way easier

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