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does this make me a bad person or make me "sick"?

my mom died when i was 18 and i'm 23 now, and i never cried or got sad about her death. i had to fake crying and fake being sad/depressed because even if i tried to cry or be sad, i just couldn't. plus i saw her die right in front of me. i've also seen at least one other person die right before my eyes with blood, and their friends and family crying and everything. i never felt any kind of sadness, and i almost laughed.. or chuckled. but even if i didn't laugh or chuckle, i was still smiling. i didn't kill them or anything, i just happened to be there when they died. i'm just lucky i guess... or unlucky.

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    it doesn't mean you're a bad person or that you're sick; you probably can just handle your emotions easier than people who cry at funerals.

    also, by laughing or chuckling, you're still trying to get over the fact that your mom died, and you're trying to get your mind off of that.

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    Everyone deals with grief differently. I know I've had times where it's really hard for me to cry when someone died. Personally for me I think it was my comfort level. There are certain people I always felt I couldn't cry in front of. And if I did I would be seen as weak or they would make to big of a deal of it.

    That could be what you are going through or you could have a mental illness or both. Or neither. If it bothers you enough you should seek medical help.

    It could be a sign of a major mental illness such as Bipolar or Schizophrenia

    Good luck

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    I think everyone deals with death differently. My mothers mother passed away when I was about 12. I remember having similar feelings. I didn't cry, or feel sad, and I didn't understand why. I am 28 years old, and this past september my grandfather passed away. I was very close with him, and for the first time in my life I cried over the death of a loved one. I don't think age made a difference I think its about connection. You may not have a had a great relationship with your mother. I don't think this makes you sick. I think if you ever lost someone you were extremely close to you would feel it.

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    I think you are probably mentally ill and need help because it is not normal behavior. Anyone who would not be sad when their own mother dies (unless she was totally evil) needs major help.

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