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Why Did VMK Close -- What Really Happened?

Now there's lots of theorys why Virtual Magic Kingdom aka VMK shut down, (I had an account, snowflakeblue) and I've heard all kinds of stories saying 'Parents complained their kids spent too many hours on it and didn't get excerise' and 'Kids found their way around limited chat like instead of three tree and were dating online' and all kinds of other tales. But there is only one that I have proof that the event did happen -- the kids made up a new language and were dating. I say people saying 'I glove you' which was meant to be understood as 'I love you' and Disney did not know this until they found out people were asking people if they were taken. They post on their site that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated and if a moderator saw this, they would be banned. But kids still continued to do it and you know them, their smart. So they came up with yet MORE ways to bend the rules. Once I encountered a Street Fight at Mainstreet. They were saying stuff like, 'You bench!' (replace the e with i and removed the n) and, 'You sock!' (put a u in the o's place). It was really bad. And they were fighting over the stupidest thing -- a girl. Then kids started making beds in their houses with crates, mats, and seats and two people (boy and girl) would sit on the chairs and say all kinds of things. Next was the bars, or "restraunts" as we called them. People would go up to the bar, or waitor, and say 'Can I have a bear, please.' bear meant to be understood as beer. It was unbeleiveable. Maybe parents & Disney found out and that's why they closed, but another reason was because VMK was part of Disney's 50 Years Celebration and was only meant to last 18 months, but it gained popularity and lasted an extra 18 months, and was shut down but there's still SO more stories. So I want to know the truth, if you know of course -- what really did happen to VMK?

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    Questions? We’ve prepared this Q&A:

    Why is this happening? Why are you closing Virtual Magic Kingdom?

    As Yavn mentioned in the Newsletter, VMK was created and launched as part of a promotion to celebrate Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary.

    The game/promotion has ran well beyond the original time it was intended to.

    When is the last time I can play?

    The game will close at 10:00PM PST, Wednesday, May 21st, 2008.

    Will I still be able to buy cards and pins in the Parks?

    Yes, you can still buy VMK Cards and Pins at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Parks while supplies last but after May 21st, 2008 the codes will no longer work in the game.

    What will happen to the game and the website?

    The website will remain up for a few weeks to let people know what has happened, but you will not be able to log into the game after May 21th, 2008.

    What will happen to all my virtual stuff in VMK?

    Since the virtual items live only in VMK, you won’t be able to access your VMK items or take them with you to another Disney Online Virtual World.

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    hi! i'm also a VMK participant, frequently! yet VMK is remaining because it change into for the fiftieth social gathering for Disneyland. VMK change into only a merchandising.. Unfortuanely VMK closes on would 21, 2008 and it probable in no way will come back until eventually per chance sixty fifth aniversery? i'm PurpleCrazyLava on VMK.

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