Why is the picture quality poor when I play burned DVDs on my TV?

I am taking an AVI movie and burning it to a DVD. When I do this the original file (around 700 MB) jumps up to 6-8GB. I bought some 8.5 GB DVDs to get the best quality burn to fit on the DVD. When trying to watch the movie on my TV....the picture is not near as good as a regular DVD. Is there a way to get burned DVDs to look better from downloading an avi file?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The problem with this is that the source file you are using has already been compressed and reduced to 700 Mb from it's original 4.7 Gb - 8.5 Gb file size. When you move this video back to DVD format, it has to fill in the blanks, and there is no way for it to recover the artifacts it lost during the initial compression.

    Try using something like DVD Shrink. It will copy disc images rather than compress the files down to an AVI.

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