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Please help me with my fish tank!! What to Fish should i add?

I have a 30 gallon tank with a heater, filter, lights, cover. I have 2 Tiger Barbs, 3 Rosy Barbs, 1 Knife fish(6 inch and i have a little tunnel for him to hide), 3 cory cats, 3 or 4 snails, one live plant, and a couple of plastic plants. My question is, is my tank fully stocked or can i add some more fish? If i can add some more fish, which ones(some rather basic fish would be better, don't want to spend too much money on them(up to 20 dollars a fish))?


I have African Knifefish, they only get 7 inch

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    Well you could add about 4 Zebra Danios. Or nothing else, because for one, the Knife fish can get very big and will need a bigger tank. So he/she might need a new home or you can upgrade your tank to even bigger. That's when you should add some more fish. This way all the fish in the tank can claim new parts of the tank so the new fish will get less of a chance for them to be bullied.

    So you can probably add like 1-4 fish. Otherwise it will be overstocked. I suggest some Zebra Danios. They're simple and very active schooling fish. If you get them get at least 3 or more. But not too much!!!

    Good luck! Hope this helped. x]

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    Yes, you can add a few more fish, depending on the size of the fish you add, for a thirty gallon tank you should have 4 barbs, 4 rosy barbs 4 corals,and 1 plecostomus, Mercee.

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    I don't know anything about barbs, or the knife fish, but you need at least 2 more cory cats. They are a schooling fish and needs to be kept in at least a group of 5.

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    Black Ghost Knife Fish need a 100 gallon tank as they will grow very big.

    You should up grade in tank size or take it back to the pet store.

    Apart from that I would add more barbs as they can get very aggressive if kept in to fewer numbers.

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    I would add maybe some more barbs or anything that is on the semi aggressive side. Do not put any community fish in there (mollies, etc).

    There are multitudes of different barbs you can put in there. I would only put 3 in at a time so they don't kill your ph balance.

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    i say this all the time ur tank spacewise is fine the knife has plenty of room but i would add like maybe another knife fish or maybe an cichlid a small one depending how small ur cat fishes are if there to small the cichlid would eat them but if u dont want that then maybe a molly or to

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