Kinda for fun. When do you think I will be in labor??? Please answer?

Today I am 39 weeks. My tummy and baby measure a week or more ahead. LOL last week I started getting cramping and when I went to my apt friday I was told I was still closed. Since then I did not get anymore cramps. Well now I am getting some cramps that are strong not enough that i stop breathing but enough that adds discomfort.(they are menstral cramps that i can feel down to my knees at times) They are inthe front of my whole belly and lower belly. LOL I constantly have to poop and a couple days ago I hit a record 8 today has only been 2. LOL tmi

How much longer do you think.... I feel like his shoulders are between my knees and when I pee I feel like his head is coming down and stopping it. LOL also I keep getting a weird feeling in my vgina almost like I am being scratched. LOL

BTW first time mom so i am interested in see what you all think for fun


LOL i feel like I will be pregnant with him forever

Update 2:

Ok my first due date was nov 10 and it was changed to dec 2.

Update 3:

Ok my first due date was nov 10 and it was changed to dec 2.

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    Idk. On thanksgiving day when your having dinner with your family your water will break? lol

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    Ok i'm 39 weeks tomorrow and having the same symptoms. So i'd love to say soon but i'm convinced i'll be pregnant forever. Lol. Ok for you i'm going to say in 3 days. For me i'm going to say 3 weeks until they have to pull her out lol. Good luck x

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    Honestly, those are the weirdest labor cramps/symptoms I have ever heard (although I am NO Dr.).

    Just for fun I guess............ 24-48 hrs. - good luck!

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    I couldn't even begin to venture a guess here it could be tonight or another week.

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    i don't think your going to go into labor any day soon i think with this being your first it will be on your due date.

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    You have two more weeks to go, maybe three.

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