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should i get back with my ex?

i was going out with him for 4 months

he had a 'thing' with a girl before we went out

then he started talking to her and meeting up with her if he couldn't meet me

things on her myspace started appearing like

him promising to have sex with her

and things like that

we split up

and got back together

but during this split he slept with her

i could bare the thought of him with her

so we split up afew weeks later

now they are going out

but he's texting me and ringing me

saying how much he likes me still

but according to her during our relationship

he was telling her that he didnt like me and i was annoying him

very like the things he's telling me about her

i've been out with other guys since

but i kept likening them to him

and i never felt the same about them as him

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    Kick him to the curb. You don't need the disrespect he heaped on you unless your a glutton for punishment. Your self esteem is more important to you than this jerk. There are too many guys around that will treat you like a lady.

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    He cheated on you, he talked bad about you when he was with her. It wasn't like it was an accident, they put messages on each others Myspace.

    Now, he is seeing her, but is texting you. Just like he was probably texting her when he was with you. See a pattern? I hope so. I would leave him alone and let him mess his other relationship up. I know its hard to not compare other guys to him, but believe me, there are better guys out there than this loser. I would break off all contact with him. At least then, when his current relationship fails and it will, it won't be blamed on you.

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    just have some space away from him..

    don't text him, myspace him or meet up with him.

    after a while you'll just naturally get over him.

    expecially if you see other guys and hang out with friends who will take your mind off him.

    i also recommend you delete your myself. it causes way to much trouble and is just pointless.

    call or text people when you want to meet up/have a chat.

    myspace will just make you upset everytime you go on it because you will always be tempted to spy on other peoples pages and its not worth the hassle.

    trust me

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    No, you have to figure out if he makes you happier more then sad. It sounds like he is tugging you around and he just want two girls to make himself feel better about himself. I think you should ditch him because he is not going to change. He has to prove to you that you are the one he wants. Until he does don't get back with him.

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    He's cheated on you, is now trying to have both of you at his beck and call and you're seriously asking if you should get with him again?

    NO!! NO!!! NO!!!

    He's just going to play you again, and again, and again if you do. He's gonna cheat, bring home a disease or get some other girl pregnant.

    Stay far away from this jerkoff.

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    If you go back to him u will be an *** (Dnt want to be mean) but hey if you go back you must really love him so this time you better keep him close dnt stock him tho

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    i say you dont. thats what i would do in your relationship. thats pretty messed up what he did. he jus wanted to get wit that other gurl for a lil then you and he jus wants to keep both of you and the gurl.

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    Forget about im! He's a lieing horndog! You can and deserve so much better!

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    hell no,he can't just play with your emtions like that and switch between you two whenever he feels like you,NO do not get back together with him.You will regret it,if he did that mess once you better beleive he'll do it again

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