*HELP* with an Image for my business card, I was thinking PUZZLES, B/C I help put things back together?

Its a division of Real Estate, dont let that scare you off, I am not a Realtor! Or a Broker, Just a normal person, who works with people who are having problems actually owning/getting title to a home that they live, either because it was their deceased parents/grandparents/neighbors etc, and the house is just "stuck" and I help get that house, out of its problem phase, and into the right hands, by going through the court system. (however I really dont want to use anything court related cause that mights care people off!)

So I was thinking.....what kind of images do you see with all this being said? All I could think of was puzzles..or something because I help piece everything together....any ideas are truly helpful. Thanks =]



I will reward Best Answer= 10 points ASAP, by this evening, all ideas welcome, the more the merrier =]

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    ignore the first poster. investing in marketing yourself is always a good idea. business cards are a great way to go.

    puzzle pieces are common enough design elements in small business corporate identity that they are included in the logo design software I use for concept design.

    that might be good or bad, and it also depends on how effective the entire presentation is to your target audience. we can't know that, but if you hired me or someone like me, we'd get to a more detailed solution with you.

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    Puzzles would be cute. But. . .

    It has been my experience that people don't keep cards much after their need for the person who gave it to them has passed. If they cost much more than plain cards do (about $20. per 1000) it is not really a good investment.

    But if it is not too expensive, and it makes you feel good, puzzles would be cute, maybe a jigsaw with a pieces missing, or the cards themselves could be cut in the shape of jigsaw puzzle peices.

    Good Luck

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