How should I tell my parents I'm bi?

Well I remember asking my mom a few years ago if she thought being bi was alright. She said no. But now I have a girlfriend (yes I'm a girl!)

And I'm afraid of what she'll think!

How should I tell her??

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    There is never an easy way to have the

    "Mum/Dad im Bi/Gay/Lesbian talk"

    You just have to sit down with her and explain it, tell her your sure your Bi, you have a girlfriend and your happy with yourself and your relationship. Your still the same person and the fact that your bi hasn't changed you. Your sexuality is just part of who you are, it doesn't define you.

    Your her child. It might be a little hard for her at 1st but im sure she will still love and accept you no matter what.


  • 1 decade ago

    Just say look mom, i realize you don't agree with my decision but i hope that you will learn to respect it and realize that this may be the best thing for me. If i am in a happy and healthy relationship regardless of whether its with a man or woman it shouldn't matter. Happy, healthy relationships attribute to my health, happiness, and success in life. I know as my parent you want all of these things.

    Depending on her reaction, you could ask her why she feels the way she does and maybe explain to her how and why it could be okay. although don't push the issue.. with some parents the most you can ask for is respect. which believe me, is a lot. if her reasons are based on religious convictions, you may be out of luck but sometimes people are afraid or ignorant to things therefore they automatically form unrational opinions about these sort of things. you may be able to educate her and open her eyes to things in a way she may have never been able to see them. Good luck!

    Source(s): Me and my coming out
  • 1 decade ago

    Tell her the truth the worst she could do is throw u out and move in with ur girlfriend

  • Mark
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    1 decade ago

    Tell her the truth the worst she could do is throw u out

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just come out and do it. She may be upset at first, but she'll get over it eventually:-)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow that's tough.You should just tell her and try getting it over with

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    she's your mother, she loves you for who you are NOT what you are. and she shouldn't judge you. she loves you for you, even if that you is bi. it shouldn't matter or change the relationship you have with her .

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