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What is the WEIRDEST thing you've craved while you're pregnant?

Honest, true and odd stories please!!!!!

No stupid or rude comments please.


A woman here at work told me about her neighbor being caught licking the bricks on her home! So I was wondering if any other women has had that happen to them.

Update 2:

My weirdest craving is candy because normally I don't eat candy at all.


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    a snickers dipped in mashed potatoes!! i swear i was making everybody sick eating that! lol it tasted ok to me!

    now i want cheesecake and pickles!!

    sometimes its tacos

    man i used to love these little cakes but they gave me heartburn!! it sucked lol

    how bout you??

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    With my son I craved a cold cut sub with hot peppers and bagels and cream cheese and yogurt..

    With this one which is a girl I haven't really had any thing really just whatever i see i want but in the beginning of the pregnancy I wanted seafood.. Like scallops wrapped in bacon and lobster and fish.. which is weird cause i cant stand seafood at all.. not even the smell.. and i eat scallops like they were going outta style! LOL

    I also like to eat chocolate and cookies.

    The main thing I love right now is Big Mac's with extra mac sauce!! LOL oh and apples... so basically everything that i see!! LOL

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    With my oldest I craved everything strawberries I went through 1lb container daily and a loaf of bread every 2-3 days with butter and strawberry jelly on it.With my youngest for a month I craved ham sandwiches with cheese and mayo and mustard then I craved fried eggs and toast.

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    I craved condiments when I was pregnant. Ketsup, Mayonaise, Mustard, etc... I swear I could eat 1/4 bottle of ketsup with my fries. I would eat them all together on a hamburger. After my baby came (while breastfeeding) I started craving limes. I would get limes just so I could smell them. My husband thought I was insane, he would come in and I would be licking a lime. hehe

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    The weirdest craving I ever had was for a beef stick covered in maple syrup. Actually I could eat anything covered with maple syrup.

    Source(s): 22 weeks prego with #4.
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    My weirdest craving is gacumole (its kinda spicy with a strong garlic and onion taste) with honey on torilla chips.

    I am 33 weeks and 6 days by the way (had to recount and found I was off by one week)

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    With my girl I wanted everything honey flavored. Seriously, EVERYTHING.

    Baskin Robbins came out with a HoneyComb Chocolate Chunk (or something like that, can't remember the exact name) ice cream and I was there like every day.

    With my boy, pickles. I hear the pickle craving is pretty common but I think it is pretty strange since I really can't stand them normally but when I was pregnant I couldnt get enough pickles.

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    Wow, that is soo crazy! The first person craved the same thing as me almost! I didn't have many cravings, but I did crave blueberry waffles with peanut butter on them. Other than that, I craved more sweets than usual.

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    At my first pregnancy, i was craving strawberry flavoured NesQuick

    At my second pregnancy, i just could get enough tortillas and salsa! Old El Paso made a fortune with me!

    and this pregnancy, im craving oranges and clementines... much healthier... but takes a lot to satisfy my craving.

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    I guess the weirdest thing I ate was a cup of hot coffee and leftover tacos and burittos with hot sauce at like 5 am for was sooo good, lol

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    I was pregnant last Christmas and I could not get enough gingerbread. I made gingerbread cookies, drank gingerbread tea, ate gingerbread pop-tarts, ginger snap cookies. This craving went way past Christmas time and it kind of faded when I couldnt find any more gingerbread in stores.

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