trying to get baby to sleep on her own?

me and hubby are trying to get our 2 month old daughter to fall asleep on her own. she has been sleeping with us but she is getting to wiggly for my comfort now. the problem isnt getting her to sleep its getting her to STAY asleep. thats because she falls asleep on one of us usually. we have watched and she really has no "signs" of being tired. she plays with us and then at some point during a late evening feeding she nods off. we put her in bassinet and wakes up right away screaming and then we start all over again. i feel like we've tried alot but im wondering, if we put her in her swing she falls asleep on her own, is it safe to leave her til her first mid-night feeding just so she gets used to falling asleep on her own? just looking for ideas/suggestions. thanks in advance


ya know i just thought about the question i posted...i guess she wouldnt really be falling asleep "on her own" if shes in her swing huh? now im REALLY looking for suggestions :-)

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    You can safely let baby sleep in her swing. I used to do that all the time with my son.

    For future reference, never start baby out sleeping in your bed. It will become a habit that is hard for baby to break. Baby becomes attached to that midnight security and when she wakes up periodically during the night (and they all do, whether they cry when it happens or not) instead of going back to sleep she jerks awake, realizes Mommy isn't there, and cries.

    Some things to try:

    Swaddle her tightly before bed. This adds to the feeling of security

    Add a soft stuffed animal

    A soft music cd on repeat used to work wonders for my kids

    And time.:) If you keep at it, baby WILL go to sleep on her own. Don't worry, its okay to use methods like the swing or a vibrating bassinet at first. The purpose is to go to sleep without her parents, not necessarily to go to sleep without help.

    I applaud you for doing this now and not when she was 2 years old. That would have been a nightmare.

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    I have 2 kids that both slept through the night by 4 months old (not twins, this was done with both). This is what I did:

    You give them their last feeding of the night. Make sure they are slightly awake. And lay them down. They will cry for about 2 weeks and cry themselves to sleep. It's the hardest thing you will do as a new parent. But as long as you lay her down when she's still awake and let her teach herself how to fall asleep... it'll work.

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    well my daughter just turned 4 months yesterday, and she still doesnt sleep through the night. the bassinet never worked for her. i finally put her baby bed up and she sleeps better in it.

    But i will tell you this. the only way in the beginning my girl would fall asleep was in her swing. boy was that a bad idea. she got used to it. and that was the only way she would go down.

    If she rubs her eyes, yawns, cries and is not hungary and has a dry diaper. she is tired.

    good luck

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