Any practical suggestions on how to make your home ...?

...a fun and welcoming place for high schoolers to hang out ?

(If you're going to be silly and say "provide drugs, condoms and alcohol" ...there: I already said it for you - that isn't what I am looking for.)

Your own teens never want to hang out at home because they claim there's nothing to do - yet they go to other kids homes and do nothing over there. Of course I can't compete with a home theater and 60-inch plazma and pool table .

I'd love to hear from either teens or other adults who have made their home teen-friendly-

favorite foods/beverages


things to do



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    1 decade ago
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    When I was in high school, my house was the one everyone hung out in and did nothing... I think a big part of that was just that I lived right behind the high school, but my Mum was always just really friendly and welcoming and often told pretty bad jokes... everyone seemed to like that for whatever reason. Just be nice to the kids and they'll probably flock to that. I mean, cookies and juice aren't bad ideas either. :) Everyone loves food after school. The biggest part of it is how the parent is, if the kids aren't comfortable around the parents... then they don't want to hang out there. Just be yourself and try not to be too... overbearing.

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    big comfy sofas, radios, ipods, internet, wii, playstation, classic board games, movies, dvds, directv, on demand, netflix, lots of juice, soda, chips, cookies, little sandwiches(rule), lots of old pictures of your teen, space to move around, walk, wrestle, run, carpet and wood floor combos for diversity

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    my house was like the party house in high school but i dont think you want your house like that... our whole basement was one constant party ... beer pong table fully stocked fridge full of beer TV and a surround sound speakers

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    1 decade ago

    always get middle class stuff and have a wonderful family and you will live in heavenly luxury

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  • 1 decade ago

    the "things to do" is often not the right is often not close supervision, or the ability to be "free" to do things...if it is things...its probably the high tech stuff....but often, they don't use the stuff.

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