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URGENT help in biology, plz, just one question?

The cytoskeleton of eukaryotes serves many functions. One of these functions is served in prokaryotes by a different major structure. Which structural feature is it? How do these different structures serve the same function in the two cell types?

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    Eukaryote: Cytoskeleton

    Prokaryote: Cell Wall

    Eukaroytic cells have membrance bound organelles, and prokaroytic cells do not have membrane bound organelles.

    It's important because with having membrane bound organelles, the cell has more protection and support.


    Prokaroytic cells do not have a nucleus, and Eukaroytic cells do.

    You must remember though that prokaroytic cells are only bacteria, and have been around for 3.5 billion years.

    Eukaroytic cells are plant and animal cells, and are newer; only been around for 1.5 billion years

    Source(s): molecular bio =)
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    The cytoskeleton serves to maintain the shape of the cell, facilitate transport within the cell and aid in cell movement. The cell wall of prokaryotes also gives shape to the cell but does not facilitate transport or aid in cell movement.

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