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How many time a week do you tan ?

In the winter I start my tanning... I normally just go like twice a week this way I can be tan when the spring/summer comes.

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    tanning is not recomended and there are risks with doing it... you are better off not to do it...

    but there are known postive effects..

    but if u must tan do so in moderation, go for short exposures, and alwyas wear eye goggles

    and try not to go more then once a week or every 10 days..

    i myself tan because i like the feel and results of it...

    you can also find more information about the postive effects fo the sun at www.tanning

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    I work at a tanning salon, alot of people tan 7 days a week, we do not recommend this. For the first week or two we suggest 5 days and once you get a base tan you only have to tan 3 to four days a week to keep it up.

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    I only tan 1-2 times a week in the Winter, you don't wanna look fake. Just a little bit of color..

  • Judith
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    1 decade ago

    Wouldn't do it for a million dollars. Living longer is more important to me than having a tan. Melanoma is usually fatal. And tanning indoors is even worse than tanning by the sun. Tanning ages the skin, lots of wrinkles. I wouldn't want to spend my short life with tan skin and lots of wrinkles.

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    people who tan are self conscious about their looks. if you think you need to tan for others to like you then you need some help. putting your life at risk is not the answer to"look better", plus who the hell wants to be red?

  • Anonymous
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    None,it's dangerous, use tanning gels instead. You'll look really old sooner than you want to be, and smoking helps you age faster, too...

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    5 times a week

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    None. Skin cancer is uglier than pale skin.

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