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Emo Without the clothes?

I'm sort of emo. I mean, I love that kind of music. the thing is, I know that it is a music style and not a life style, but still can I be emo without wearing the clothes?

In school people don't know I am emo. I wear abercrombie, and dress nicely, but I want to express myself more... I only like small amounts of the emo clothing style like the scarves and accesories and well, I wear a lot of black, but what else? HELPP!

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    ahh yes emo style!

    try TOTALLY tight skinny jeans

    cut both of the thights in a line then sew ti back up

    wear sayings and band t's such as iron madian and all the other old bands

    convers are PERFECT shoes

    they go around 40.00 but they last a long time! :]

    always wear a dark jacket

    buy old cheap band t's

    cut the logos

    and sew it on the jack! :]

    wear studded belts

    hope i helped! <3

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    You're just a roots emo kinda kid :)

    Emo didn't start out as a fashion statement. It started out with regular kids wearing regular clothing who liked to listen to Rites of Spring, Weezer, and Dashboard Confessional because they really felt the lyrics. Wear what you like, listen to what you like, do what you like.

    Source(s): Andy Greenwald's book Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo
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    Emo is for depressed people who love cutting them selves and being gay

    Maybe ur goth

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    ^Skinny jeans are quite possibly the ugliest things I have ever seen. As a senior in high school, PLEASE listen to me when I say that anyone who wears those horrid pants are dumb and taunted all the time, mostly behind their backs.

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