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What is considered Gothic make up?

A Friend of mine wants to photography dress in Gothic fashion. I the model for the photo by the way. He believes that goth make up is every thing black.Eye make up nails even lips. I think that it can still be in the Gothic spirit as long as I paint my eyes black keep my face pale I be fine, I just want to paint my nails a scarlet red along with my lips. I'm I wrong , is he right? I really hate black nail polish, lipstick I just consider his view of gothic make up is limited, is a little Stereo typical who is Right me or him?


I can pull off the pale skin, even without make up I'm Scottish.So it safe to say I very pale.So I think I can pull of the blood red lips, nails dark eyes just not the lips. he doesn't like the red lips I go bare like on person sugested.

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    i think that yes you can have red lips and nails but as long as you have the pale face and blach eyes etc

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    Black lipstick is gross and really unflattering. I would go with some white pressed powder to give you a corpse like complexion, a nice heavy smokey eye [just don't end up looking like a raccoon] and either red lips, or a nude lip, and blood red nails.

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    I think it will work best if you meet in the middle. Have a very dark scarlet for your nails with a black tip. For your lips, I suggest a mixture of cherry red and black. (Just red, I found,did not fit very well)

    Source(s): I do makeup for plays, and that combo worked great for these gothic witches I just made up.
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    black lipstick. black nail polish.

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