I can't read certain web material using my MacBook! Please read the specifics and help me out.?

I'm using a MacBook, and I've tried using several different browsers, tried deleting cookies, everything. I can't read the following text information:

Yahoo Messenger Online

Stickam system-setup or messages

The texting is just bizarre... if I copy-paste it into a text editor, it kindof works, but I still can't adjust my setup on Stickam to make my webcam work, which makes the site pretty useless. These sites used to work just fine with this computer! So what's up? Please help me out.


actually, I just realized I can't copy-paste the text on Stickam. So for options under Settings, I just see buttons. Nothing but buttons.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    try downloading firefox

    its free and works on mac try it

    good luck

  • Big C
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    1 decade ago

    "I'm using a MacBook, and I've tried using several different browsers..."

    PROOF you shouldn't ever touch a computer.

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