What to write on the invitation?

My sister in Law is having a birthday party for her 2yr old and on the same day she is going to have a wedding ceremony during the birthday. She wanted to include a small card with the invitation and is supposed to be a surprise and she doesn't know what to write. I know that this sound like a dumb thing but this is what she wants. Can anyone give me Ideas on what to write. Thank you All answers are appreciated


I completly agree with the answers but this is her choice and I cant change her mind. She just wants to add a little note letting everyone know that there will be a surprise and she wants for it to sound nice and formal but doesn't know what to write.

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    "You are cordially invited to a semi-formal reception celebrating Jane's 2nd birthday on Saturday the 29th of November. Light Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served."

    No need to mention a surprise if her only intent is to get people to dress up.

    If she wants to mention that there will be a surprise, she can add a note, "A surprise event is scheduled for 2pm"

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    Why include anything? If she wants the wedding to be a surprise, don't mention it at all. Just include the birthday party info.

    Including wedding info would defeat the surprise element of it all.

    Then when all birthday party guests are present, say: "By the way, this is also a wedding," Just announce the wedding at the birthday party.

    Edit: If she insists on putting something, see here:


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    Who is getting married? Your sister in law? So the primary reason for the party is the 2 year old birthday, and not the wedding? It is a surprise WEDDING? I am very very confused. Sounds kind of lame. Instead of helping her with what to put on the invites, I would convince her that this is a very bad idea. Sounds like she knows nobody wants to come to her wedding, and she is going to trap people by telling them it is a birthday party instead. LAME LAME LAME

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    What is the surprise? The wedding? Who is getting surprised? You need to put more info in the question.

    I guess she isn't expecting wedding gifts since it is going to be a surprise so why even write anything in the card. Just let it be a surprise.

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    I realize the two year old probably wont know the difference but it is extremely unusual. A child shouldnt have to share their birthday with their mothers wedding anniversary. Its already so tastless it doesnt seem to be anything she can do to make it more tasteful.

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