Most useful domesticated animal ?

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    My dog Taz. This Summer I had back surgery. She`s 128 lbs. Very strong. When I needed help to get up I put my two hands on her back and just said,"Lift". She didn`t actually lift me, but she stood still and steady so I could push down on her and get up. From the time she was a pup, I was teaching her stuff like that. It came in handy this Summer. She is my best companion and protecter. And she keeps my feet warm.

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    The Horse! I love dogs too, but the horse is by far the most useful. He can provide transportation, companionship, protection, fertilizer, hard labor, and if worst comes to worst, drink, and finally food.

    The horse is of all God's creatures, by far the most noble. They are beautiful and very vain. They know they are beautiful, and will not tolerate disrespect. However, if you ever win their complete trust, there is nothing they will not do for you or with you on their back. They will charge into the Gates of Hell, without so much as a waver of turning. The analogy's are endless, but I will suffice to say, "THE HORSE".

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    How precisely they domesticated the potato is unknown. no doubt it change into by selective breeding (also well-called cultivar). A cultivar is a plant or grouping of flora chosen for appropriate features, at the same time with more desirable yield, style, and resistance to ailment. those similar yet different species are then mated at the same time to create a hybrid plant, which with any success includes each of the features that the grower is searching for. If no longer, the grower keeps attempting until eventually the perfect plant is created.

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    I think it would be a horse. Dogs are a close second, though.


    One thing I found very interesting...that miniature horses have been trained as "seeing-eye horses". No kidding...look it up on the web. That makes a versatile animal even more so.

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    Husbands & Wives

    The family dog

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    they are burgler alarms

    foot warms

    electric blankets in bed

    Listen to all your problems

    wash the dishes

    keep the lawn " watered "

    and they make good co-pilots

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    Dogs, as friends, companions, helpers.

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    Over a Long Period of time, the HORSE...!!

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    The ones that I can eat.

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