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When do Leo men reach maturity?

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    Leo men ? Mature (at least most of them, anyway) ? PLEASE !!!

    They never grow up !!! It doesn't really matter what the age is.

    But, I will I say this, though. The older Leos (40s especially) are the

    REALLY immature ones. It's pathetic really. All that roaring. UGH !!!

    I agree. Instead of always complaining & claiming to be the sh**,

    they should go & get a damn job & learn how to make their own damn money & not blow it all on unnecessary garbage, for starters.

    Also, they always think that any female (especially) is a

    "peasant" & such.No wonder most of them end up alone.

    They have absolutely no manners or common sense, really.

    If they did, they'd know that everyone has a right to express themselves & that everything doesn't have to be (& isn't) always

    about them. That's why it's really draining (even physically) to even

    try & deal with a male Leo. They just don't care.

    All they do care about is trying their best (or worst, really !) to see if

    they can sabotage people.

    The best thing is to just let them roar all by themselves.

    Source(s): Libra female (October 3rd) :-)
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    Wow.....interesting. I keep running into the concept of a person being more evolved and with a Leo man if he is not spiritually progressed and I do NOT mean religious, he is most often prone to selfishness, delusion & tantrums. The cases I am thinking of include my father, acquaintances ( I didn't say friends...), performers and politicians. For the leo man acceptance is not always easy. Jealousy drives them and you so not want to be in the way! Reaching maturity is really diaphanous here. Often I know of Leo men who go their entire lives not getting the point> For me ( and I am bound to step on toes here, sorry) I stay clear of Leo men. The unevolved ones are babies> I have absolutely no use for an individual who in that narcissistic or temperamental. I am sooooooooooooo not there. Interesting question.


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    Responsibility, helps Leo men to mature alot more smoothly and quickly. They have to play a HUGE role to even want to mature. The age varies. I would say it depends on their obstacles in life that give you and idea of how soon they actually mature

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    Honestly... never. For the most of them, anyway. Some Leo men can be mature, but they always have a child-like nature to them...

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    this is a good question. It's weird, because actual cats are refined, they have a grace to them.

    But LEO men?! pffffft. Each and everyone I've known or have had the chance to encounter are louddddddddddd. It's entertaining for a certain period of time, and Im thinking the only reason I enjoy it is because of my leo asc and my aries mercury. I mean they're fun from a distance, but sometimes they're toooo much. The men might as well be females, because they gossip like there is NOOOOOO tomorrow. And that in my book, is a female trait. I have NO respect for guys who act like females. It's okay to not be that masculine, but gossiping is such a low-life trait.

    Source(s): In general I really like them, but there are SOME leos who haven't gotten in touch with their inner male lion, and tend to act more like lionesses. But this is from personal experience.
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    Well, they aren't really know for their maturity or intelligence for that matter. But they are usually alot of fun. I dated one in college. He went to great lengths to exact "revenge" after I broke up with him. It was mostly laughable. Superficial people exact revenge by trying to take things from people that anyone else but them could care less about. Leos and their silly often misplaced pride. He should've spent his energy trying to find a job instead. lol

    I'd say even Leos pay attention to the wake up call they get from transitting Uranus opposite natal Uranus. So 40-42.

    It helps if they have some earth in their charts

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    He is a man might not ever reach maturity

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    Dude there is no answer to that people mature when they want to!Some people never mature and they can be any sign!:)

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    i just broke up with a 32 year old leo. trust me, he's not matured yet. give it another ten years.

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    Well, my Leo ex was 24 when we broke up and he still resorted to drunk dialing, calling me cruel names, and drinking like a fish. He's 26 now, and as far as I know, he hasn't changed much. Any day now, I hope.

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