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Band aid for your cat?

My cat Felix either scratched himself or my other cat got into a fight with him. The cut is on his face and he keeps scratching it open right when it's about to begin the healing process. I would take the cat to the vet but you know how they are expensive and I can't really afford it right now. Is there any type of band aid or something to prevent him from scratching at it?


I have been putting neosporin on it and where the cut is there is no fur. He got that off too. I wouldn't shave the hair around it to get a bandage on it because I would be screwed if I got one of his whiskers. Then he would be off balance. If you cut a cats whisker they lose there sense of balance.

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    Make sure you disinfect it really well, and then you could try using a super sticky good bandaid. You might have to shave a little of his hair so you have enough surface area to stick it to. I might even try using that liquid bandage you get at the drug store, but again, you may have to shave a little skin for it to stick. I would also suggest some neosporin because it really speeds up the healing process.

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    my vet sells the cone for around 10 bucks, so he can't scratch it but that won't help if it gets infected. you might be able to make one out of a ice cream pail lid or something, i used to make a cone for my bird out of small plastic lids.

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    Clip his claws. And some antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly on it to keep the scab soft. When the scab hardens it itches.

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