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how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal?

i did it myself with a needle

i did it sunday night

its not like i took a needle and shoved it through my nose.

i did everything that i was supposed to .

i made sure i sterilized it any everything etc.

and are there any precautions i can take to make sure it doesnt get infected as well?

and how long will it be red?

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    Clean it every day, but make sure your hands are clean before starting. I like to use Bactine, although I'm told that is 'old school', so there are probably other options. Cleaning it in the shower is the easiest way, but make sure not to take the stud out entirely.

    My nose piercing was red for about 3 days to a week. I didn't take the stud out completely for around two months, but you might be able to do so earlier.

    Don't touch your piercing with unclean hands, make sure not to get any lotion or makeup in that area (avoid it altogether if you can) and be careful when you sleep at night if you sleep on your stomach or side. Also, check what your stud is made of. Surgical steel or sterling silver is usually the best, a lot of people have bad reactions to other metals.

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    It will be red for probably about a week, maybe a little more. It will take about three months to heal completely. You need to clean it with soap and water at least twice a day everyday for three months, and make sure you're care about getting infections. A good way to prevent this is to use a different pillow case every day. You can put a clean t-shirt over the pillow and then turn it over the next night, and then turn it inside out- this way you get four nights with one t-shirt. A nose piercing gets infected easily so don't skimp on these two things- if you don't you'll be fine.

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    well because you pierced it yourself there is more of a chance it could get infected but as u sterilized it, it should be ok.

    it will look as if its healed in about 3 days but its not, i wouldn't touch it for a few weeks.

    to try and stop it from getting infected you should get some savlon and spray it on a cotton bud and dap the piercing and the skin a few times a day.

    and make sure you dont touch it!

    hope this helped x

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    Brace yourself for a few negative comments on this site... just remember - there is nothing wrong with DIY piercings as long as they are done right and safely. Here is some info regarding piercing aftercare and what you need to do. Good luck :]

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    a couple weeks depending if you take good care of the area.

    clean it with a sea salt solution for a couple weeks for three times a day and that will clean it up no problem.

    its only red cause of irritation, it goes away soon no worries. :]

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    Well since its cartilage (just like your ear piercings) i would assume it could take just as long (or longer) to heal as an ear piercing.. about 6 weeks or more..

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    umm u might want to clean it with cleansers daily

    it should only be red for a couple of days cuz of swelling

    after that it should be fine.

    if not, talk to a pro peircer or see a doctor.

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    The rest of your life.

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    it depends.

    typically a week or longer.

    protect it well during this recovery period.

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