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pursed lip breathing?

YOu are teaching a patient to use pursed lip breathing. The patient asks the nurse about the purpose of this type of breathing. What is your best response?

A.Promote oxygen intake

B.STrengthen the diaphram

C.Strengthen the intercoastal muscles

D. Promote carbon dioxide elimination

Thank you for any help!

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    more like retain oxygen intake /efficiency.

    Source(s): asthma, CF pt
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    Pursed Lipped Breathing

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    Purpose Of Pursed Lip Breathing

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    D. Promote carbon dioxide elimination.

    Pursed lip breathing is also known as 'Intrinsic Positive End Expiratory Pressure', or 'Intrinsic PEEP' for short. It is an instinctive way that patients with airways disease (like emphysema) breathe to keep their small airways open and effectively empty out more of their lungs during expiration - the leads to better ventilation, which is the key factor determining CO2 elimination by the lungs.

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    D: carbon dioxide elimination. As lung disease progresses, the chest wll expands and patients have a harder time emptying their lungs. Purse lip breathing stretches the expiratory phase enabling them to expel more carbon dioxide

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