Which Wireless Router is Better?

I currently have Linksys and it has been working great for the last three years but recently I’ve been having a lot of problems with it.

Which is better and would work better in a Big House and Multiple Laptops (2) maybe 3???

Thank you :D




Both my laptops has Built-in 802.11abgn wireless if that helps!

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    These are both very nice pieces; it's great to see you're not scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

    Both of these have Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) which is good...but the Linksys appears to have WPA2 encryption where the Netgear does not.

    Since you're smart enough to be shopping for the good stuff, I think you should consider the Linksys for that feature alone. WPA1 has now been cracked and it won't be long until every script kiddie with a laptop and a Civic will have the tools to do it.

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    If you are talking about speed, you first need to consider the wireless technologies that your laptops use. If you want to get the most out of your new router that is.

    If you laptops only have 802.11b/g then these are not for you because you can buy cheaper ones that support the technologies that you need. And you might be better off trying to fix your existing linksys.

    If you use 802.3 or 802.3u you want the linksys because it supports these technologies.

    If you use 802.11n (which is faster) then you want the netgear because it supports this technology.

    If you are worried about the radius of transmission, you might think about getting a wireless bridge (which you did not post a link to) to extend the radius of transmission of your router.

    Source(s): Occupation: Desktop Support; the websites in the OP.
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    Linksys is an excellent product, manufactured by Cysco, the most popular and reliable networking you'll find. Buy another Linksys, it's about time yours quit.

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    Linksys MIMO - MIMO has better antenna and linksys is a little better name than netgear. The linksys doesn't have N broadcasting but 'reception' is your main goal so I'd go with linsys which is still plenty fast and I bet your only running on G in your house anywho.

    Support is better with linksys as well, take care.

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