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Do you ever look back on your life memories with nostalgia?

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    All the time. I always feel like maybe there could have been more I could have done to cherish the moment because it went by so quickly. I often relfect and look back at certain memories and points in my life and wish I can relive them. :)

    <3 Deelight.

  • Ian E
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    I do, but I try hard not to. It is very easy to 'go' back to ones past, but one cannot 'come' back to the past.

    "Into my heart an air that kills

    From yon green valley blows.

    What are those blue remembered hills?

    What farms, what spires are those?

    That is the land of lost content.

    I see it shining plain.

    Happy highways where I went...

    But cannot come again"

    A.E. Houseman (from 'A Shropshire Lad')

    For an older person, this little excerpt is frighteningly bleak. It says that the only thing to experience from memories is profound sorrow. Houseman's use of the word 'come' means that the joy of any memory is locked out because the result of the memory is known before the start of the vision, and that regret is the only possible outcome.

    In the unlikely region of American popular music, Billy Joel sings a song almost as depressingly true. 'Souvenirs' says that we have a short time to live, and that the collection of mementos for later reliving, or for 'consolation' when one is old, is doomed to failure, and that it is far better to live thinking about the enjoyments to be experienced in the future.

    Sometimes I yearn for memory loss! In my experience, nostalgia is never a positive experience, and it serves only to highlight the passage of time, and the impossibility of reviving pleasantness ('lost content'.). Far better, in my opinion, to spend time exploring ways of achieving future joy!

  • Yep, let me share a little memory with you...

    Back in the day 1986-88, when I was young woman I went out on a blind date. Our friends were dating one another and that's how that came to be. Well, he was a Canadian guy and I was from Detroit, MI. we hit it off and we dated for those 2yrs. It seemed that there was 3 of us girls that were dating the Canadian guys from Windsor at that time. Those were great times then. 19-21 yrs. old for me, My friends were a little older than I was. We liked to party over there as well since drinking age was 19. It was 21 in the states. California Roadhouse was the cool place to go. Live music and pop music on the main level. Downstairs was 60's music. Outdoor Volleyball pit. DJ played music when the bands weren't playing. It was a blast!

    Source(s): That's one I have many nostalgic memories from my life.
  • Joline
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    We all do, those that lived long enough, and you will too.... because looking back on the events of your life is a review of life and is your personal report card on how you fared, leaning more to the honest and good or the leaning toward the naughty and not so nice. You end up being your own judge and I hope the judgment is good........

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    Yes, I'm fortunate to have some wonderful life memories!! :)

    And some pretty bad ones, too, but the good ones compensate for the bad.

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    Yes, I do it a lot. I'm grateful for the experiences I had and the people I've been fortunate enough to know. In many cases, I wish I had been a kinder, more loving person in the past, but I also know that it's important for me to be kinder and more loving now. Best wishes to you!

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    Sort of. I remember some things with fondness, but I don't want to go back there again (aside from having my daughter back). The wisdom I have gained is worth the price (aging).

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    All the time. I have almost permanent rose coloured thoughts about the past - and had a goodly few years to collect them as well!

    The best is yet to come! Or not, but it will be fun.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, I have no fondness (or dislike) of my past. I did have some memories of my teens and twenties that I held above others, but even that is gone now.

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