What can i do to keep my 3 month old happy when she cant eat?

My 3 month old daughter is going in for a ct scan next thursday. She cant have any milk or solids after 7 am but she can have clear liquids until 11am. But the appointment is at 1pm and i dont know what to do when she crys when she is hungry she eats about every 3 to 4 hours. How do i keep her from crying when i cant feed her any forumal after 7 am. Do i try to fill her up to hold her over till the appointment is over or do i feed her what she eats at every feeding? Plz help i am scared to death


The thing im scared about is when she is hungry she gets mad if she doesnt eat right away or right then and there

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    Well, no matter what when a baby wants to eat they want to eat... but what i would recommend, is feed her her normal amount on her normal schedule, but then offer an additional feeding right before milk cut off time, just to ry to "top her off." This MIGHT help her to stay a little more full longer, even if she only drinks an ounce or two...

    I would do the same with the water until the water cut off... she may not like the water, but if she is hungry enough she will take it. (probably room tempor a little warmer would be best) I would offer the water, again, right before the cut off time. Use a slower flow nipple, as water is thinner than formula and if it comes out too fast, she will get frustrated and refuse it. After that I would do my best to get her to sleep. Hopefully she will stay asleep until you have to leave.

    Other than that all you can do is offer normal soothing methods. I would try a pacifier. Maybe swaddling her and rocking her, "sshhhing" seems to help sometimes, or any other thing that makes her generally happy... or puts her to sleep, to distract her. (My lil guy loves his bouncy)

    (I had to do the same with my little girl when she was 11 months old.... was a little harder tough because she no longer liked to be swaddled and was walking by then... lol)

    Good luck and I hope that everything works out ok for you!

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    It's all right, you'll be fine. We all do difficult things with our kids and come through with flying colours.

    I truly recommend being outside as much as possible and giving her chance to look at things close up in a park for example. That should take up some of her attention - I've always found the outdoors to be good where little ones are concerned. If you have a car, take her driving and see if she falls asleep for some of the time. If you think she might wake if you got home and took her out, either prepare a good place to park the car at home and be in hearing (open window, baby monitor) or have a book with you and just pull over somewhere shady or sunny (depending on the weather) so she stays a comfortable temperature and isn't likely to be disturbed from sleep.

    And consider giving the hospital a ring just before 11 and ask if they know how they are going for time or if they can be sure to put you in at 1, no matter how late they are running. Their alternative, of course, will be to listen to a screaming baby, especially if you are "thoughtful" of the other patients and take your baby to walk... next to the staff's areas! That should be the reminder they need that unless there is an emergency, the baby should be attended to as much on schedule as possible.

    All the best and keep your spirits up - here's an internet hug for you:


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    Fill her up before 7am. Then offer water after until 11am. I hope the techs doing the CT scan aren't behind schedule, and that everything is OK. As soon as they're done have the next feeding ready to go.

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    I'm very sorry for the situation, may your princess be healthy and get well very soon

    the first thing you can do is: do NOT panic that's the last thing she needs, babies are smart and can sense how you feel. YOU are her Source of comfort.

    Since you are allowed to give her clear liquids like herbal drinks, that is great, give her that whenever she cries, it will keep hunger away for a short while, whenever she starts to get hungry give her more, she should be alright.

    i believe it will help if you keep her awake a bit in the morning and let her sleep nearer to her feeding time.

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    I won't lie your baby is going to cry.

    I would try to get her to drink as much as possible from when she wakes up until 7am and hope for the best.

    I would also suggest speaking to the technician that is actually preforming the CT, many times nurses and other doctors give overly long times for not eating because they'd rather "be safe than sorry" -but they aren't dealing with a screaming baby.

    Source(s): My son had to go under general anesthetic at 18 months, the no food period was still awful
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