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How can I get a perfect automotive finish when particles keep landing in my paint and clear coat?

I cleaned the area and the parts. I used a tack cloth.


I'm not repainting my car. I am painting a part from scratch that I want to have an automotive finish.

Sorry for the confusion.

Update 2:

I just said I cleaned the area you jackass...People ARE idiots and YOU are one of them.

Update 3:

I am working in a paint booth. The particles aren't bad....just enough to not be "perfect" and I can't have it any less than that.

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    Professional car painters use a paint both. The booth has strong exhaust fans and air filters to keep the air clean and clear. They also sometimes wet the floor to keep down the dust.

    Depending on how you stripped off the old paint, there is likely dust from sand blasting or sanding that will get blown out of crevices and land in the paint. Wash the part and let it dry completely to get rid of that dust.

    If the dust in the paint is not too bad, you will be able to sand and buff the finish to a high shine, which is what the professionals do anyway.

    Source(s): Best friend is a body man and painter.
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    Ground the frame or part to a good earth ground. The process of applying paint can create a static charge on the vehicle. This static charge can attract dust. Many people overlook this.

    Keep the paint area as clean as possible. Sweep and vacuum the area before you start painting.

    Use a blow gun to remove any sanding dust that may be trapped in the nooks and crannies that can get blown out by your paint gun.

    Mask with good masking paper and not plastic. With plastic, after the first pass there will be paint buildup on the plastic. On the next passes, the plastic will flutter and bits of paint will come off of the plastic and land in your fresh paint. You won't have this problem with paper.

    If you have a paint booth, change your booth intake filters regularly.

    Strain each cup of paint. On the clear coat, gently stir, don't shake. Shaking clear coat can cause air bubbles to get trapped in the coating. This can get transferred to your paint.

    Even the best paint jobs may still need to be buffed out. If you ever watched Overhaulin' on the Discovery Channel, you will see that Chip Foose paint jobs are often buffed out. If you watch any of the Power Block shows on Spike TV, most of these paint jobs get buffed out as well. Even the professionals will buff out their paint to get perfection.

    Source(s): 15 years in the USAF as an Aircraft Painter.
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    check your paint gun chances are paint particles from old paint are escaping on to the paint your applying,if that's not to you may have dust settling from above like a light fixture causing them to drop down on the surface,i did this before using an old gun that wasn't properly cleaned out and finally had to swap out guns to get a good smooth finish,another thing on this one don't have a vent fan running while your doing it,this will cause the dust in the booth to,stir up and wind up in the clear coat,good luck.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs.
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    wash the car good with proper soap for vehicles and then use wax and stuff like that, depending on your cars paint condition

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    make sure the area is clean before you start.

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    Paint it in a dust-free room.

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