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How to avoid awkward situations?

yes, like at first impression when someone thinks of you like someone so funny, smart, sexy, not boring .... only then for them to know that you are just like any other man. then they start to kinda of dislike you and disrespect you or underestimate in general they change their point of view about you then what can you do or say to defend your self? Does this happen often to you? Just the other day i had a chat with a person i knew so long ago he was so happy about meeting me as if he was meeting a person from another world then he felt that he was and started telling me he had to go. WHAT DID I DO WRONG?????? How do you avoid this situations

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    First of all, learn not to take it personally. He was glad to see you but then he had to go is so normal in our very busy world. Timing these days is lousy. I can barely get a chance to talk to my sister on the phone without her letting a million distractions get in her way. It's not you - it's the other person being too busy and out of practice in slowing down and devoting personal time to ANYONE. I have another brother where I talk to him for 5 whole minutes at one annual family gathering a year because he is just too busy to pay any more attention than that.

    Perhaps a better solution is to create a small group that meets on a regular basis where you practice paying attention, one at a time, and giving your full attention to without any distractions, meaning no cell phones, no kids interrupting, no one jumping up and leaving midway to go to a better party. These days it is hard for people to realize how much they let their distractions control them. How rude is it to have people show up at your party and them leave half-way to find a better party? And yet people do this all the time without realizing how rude that can be.

    Maybe instead of hating yourself, first try forgiving that person for letting their distractions be more important than you. Next, find some friends willing to devote more time to the practice of giving time and full attention to one another. Find a meeting place where you can get together on a regular basis and become more consistent rather than "once-in-a-blue-moon-when-I-can-fit-you-into-my-schedule" friends.

    Then when you can, invite this person to your group or meet up with him or her a lot more often if it is possible. If not, learn to pay more attention to those around you. You may find you have been doing the same to your parents, relatives, and closest friends without realizing it in yourself. When was the last time YOU really had a normal, regular friend-to-friend relationship with one of your parents? Or have you been too busy for them just the same? You see in your friend possibly something you see in yourself, so now is the time to learn how to really give of your time and attention to someone else in your life and practice holding their attention in return.

    Source(s): experience. By giving my own husband time and attention when he talks, I have become a more patient listener with others.
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