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is ithaca college lacrosse any good?

along with the question asked above, i'm a decent/pretty good lacrosse player can you name some schools that are decent at lacrosse and have a good performing arts program? My GPA is a 3.3

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    ,yes miss it has a very good lacrosse program. with a 3.3 G P A you defiantly will receive many opportunities for scholarships. the ivy league schools only give partial lacrosse scholarships, this does apply to both men and women. your athletic director should have all the information you need, if not will have it. the vast majority of division one schools have full women's scholarships. including simon fraser university in burnaby canada. the big secret is that a great woman's coach will be joining syracuse as assistant coach. they have a very very good program starting, even though the coach has bad hair, and always has . both him and his brother when they were 12 and had to coach the little brats. you will defiantly receiving a scholarship , many many options. the sad part university of hawaii , no mens or woman's program . your sport does deserve major network coverage. poker, darts , pool, hot dog eating. off the air. know a little about the sport . woman's game is better than mens game . period. my allegiance is to box game canada. played some field , woman's game is better . good luck . great education . your teammates friends for life. the head coach syracuse agrees, discussion at world under 19. he was coaching canadian mens team. i was on team canada sidelines.

    Source(s): played coached teammates friends for life. am real old so know
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