I'm falling for this absolutely wonderful woman. Can you give me advice on what to do now?

There's a girl in my optometry class (eyes) at university who is about 4 years older than me (i'm 22), but I like her A LOT. Can't stress that enough :) She's very down to earth and likes talking to me whenever we bump into each other. Problem is she lives in Canada and I live in London. She will eventually move back after a years additional training here for a year (we're in our final year of university at the moment) and that for me is the only thing that's making me undecided about asking her.

Second thing when I look into her eyes, she stares into my eyes with a lovely smile for a very long time. Is this a sign that she's interested in me?

Should I tell her how I feel? I'm only seeing her till march next year and she will move south (2h hours by train) in july. Any help I would be so grateful (I think of her all the time)


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    You know you have to go for it! If you don't, you will regret the "not knowing" for the rest of your life. Besides, you have several months before any major decisions have to be made. In that time you can decide whether or not your relationship will work, and what to do about that.

    Source(s): I'm in a loving long distance relationship with an english man. :-)
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    you should ask her out. And for get about what will happened in the future, just live the present. and if you too love each other, then when the time of she moving comes, she will decide to stay with you or you will move to Canada. Believe me i went to a university in florida but i lived in New york, so when i had to get back to new york, i decided to say there with her, we are now getting marry in april.

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    rent the movie "The Vacation"! You'll see how difficult a long distance relationship can be. But...If you two really love each other, it can work. Go for it dude, she seems to like you, and you only live once!

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    start by complimenting her

    you obviously love her smile, tell her that! the way to a girl's heart is not through her eyes as most men think, but through her emotions, girls love to be complimented, it makes them feel noticed/appreciated/loved

    ask her out!! she's new to London and would love to try London-ish things and with you would be even better!

    good luck :)

    answer mine please?


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  • rob
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    ask her out somewhere romantic.if the date go's well then follow your heart.just dont lay too much on her at one time (might freak her out)sounds like your in love, so you have to go for it.

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    Ask yourself this...What if you let this opportunity pass by? What if you say nothing? Will you always wonder what would /could have happened?

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