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how do you lose 23 pounds without exercise or weight loss pills?

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    Try the lil Jack work out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKCGe2Ezris

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    It works wonders

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    You can lose weight without exercise, it just won't be as fast and your body won't look as good as it would if it were toned. There's two ways you could go and I think either way will work for you. First of all, my best suggestion is to learn to eat healthy.


    That means understand the food pyramid, the food groups, the recommended servings, etc. That is how you should eat for life! If you eat that way and have 3 small, healthy meals a day and 2 small, healthy snacks, you will lose weight. Each meal should be less than 400 calories and each snack should be about 100-150 calories. Eating highly nutritious foods is the key, so think in terms of lean protein, veggies, whole-grains, fruits, low-fat dairy, and heart-healthy oils.

    The second option is to do a short-term "drastic diet" that is designed to last for 2 weeks max. This would take off the most weight rapidly. There are several on the site under "Diet Plans" but my favorite is the 5-4-3-2-1 diet.


    You get to pick what you eat, but you're going to want to pick highly nutritious foods to keep your metabolism working efficiently. Again, the "eat healthy" page can help you determine what highly nutritious foods are, if you need help with that. If you go on the short-term diet, then once it's over, follow the guidelines on the "eat healthy" page.

    Make water your main source of hydration and save the sweet drinks (even diet) for special occasions. Eliminate as much salt and sugar from your diet as you can.

    The biggest component to fast weight loss is going to be your workout, but if you must skip this part, then do. You will want to make sure you do a good (30 minute minimum) cardio workout every day for weight loss (3 times a week is sufficient to maintain health). Activities that use the large leg muscles burn the most calories. These activities also tone the lower body quite effectively. Think in terms of power walking, jogging, biking, skating, swimming laps, jumping rope, dancing, racquetball, and jumping jacks. To make sure that you're burning fat, you need to be sweating and huffing and puffing. In addition, do some good stretches and some strength training.


    You'll find some really good information on the website, including about five pages of weight loss tips, printable weight loss journal pages, printable exercise log sheets, motivational ideas, healthy recipes, etc.

    Good luck!

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    my wife used to be overweight after child labor but she managed to get rid of it by following a regime of diet. Trust me, Many people said exercise and slimming pill helps in weight loss but the truth is that it's not about all the exercises that you can do or all the pills you can pop, what you eat impacts your weight and body fat more so than your cardiovascular fitness and activity level.

    Wonder why there are so many people who are skinny yet they never exercise, aside from their 'good' genes that has inherently higher than normal metabolism rate, it's about the food they consume! People don't get fat because of a lack of exercising, that's a myth. People do get fat because they eat the wrong food at the wrong time day in and day out.

    My wife was recommended by a good friend of mine (who is a fitness instructor) to follow the instructions from the guide at http://www.simple-weight-loss.net./ It worked for her and there is no reason you should not give it a shot! There's no shortcut to weight loss,however eating the right food at the right interval is definitely less taxing than adhering to a strict exercise regime! =)

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    Simple -- you have to eat less. I have been losing weight simply by eating about one-half of what I normally eat. For example, if I have a hamburger, I eat about 3/4 of it. Maybe eat 1/2 of the fries.

    I have half a sandwich for lunch, whereas I used to have a whole sandwich.

    If we eat dinner out, as soon as I get my food, I cut the meat in half and sort of separate the fries or whatever into 2 stacks.

    So far it is working great for me. I can eat anything I want, just have a half portion. Hope this helps.

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    Eat sensibly, would be much quicker if you exercised too though. Even if you just makes sure to walk 30 minutes a day, that's not that hard.

    Diet pills are never a good idea.

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    Without exercise? It will be hard, and keeping it off would be nearly impossible. The best you can do is slowly cut down on calories, and make healthy choices like increasing fiber intake.

    Don't make any drastic cuts, and never go below what your body needs for baseline function...for most people thats 1200-1400.

    Source(s): Nutrition major, dietary counseling experience
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    you can lose 23 pounds with out exercise and pills. you just need to eat alot of salads and try not to eat anything 3 hours before you go to sleep

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    Either diet or liposuction would be the only way to lose that much without exercise or wight loss pills.

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    Multiply you weight by 15 and subtract 500. This should be your caloric intake for the day. You should average a pound of weight loss a week using this method, it will take six months.

    Source(s): 3500 calories to a pound of fat
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    Exercise is just as pivotal as calorie intake when it comes to losing weight, but the one method that clearly showed results for me is wu-yi tea, it can be seen at www.wu-yiNow.com (see the resource box below) they have a few free trials remaining, it was highlighted in Fox News and CNN. I melted away 20 pounds, it clearly does produce success!

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    never take weight loss pills. You need to exercise, but you can diet and reduce caloric intake. if you do not exercise you will have to reduce caloric intake a lot. Basically you must burn more calories than you take daily in to lose weight, and exercise can help you burn more.

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