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whats the best thing to do?

Now that I'm seperated from my wife. only married a month (been together for 7 yrs; she is 28 I'm 26). Whats the best way to keep busy. she says she needed space so i'm giving it to her. how can i keep myself busy to keep my mind off of her for a while. I'm going to give a couple weeks without any contact from me. then see if things can be worked out. any suggestions out there all my friends seem to be occupied. (might not be great frineds at all). Oh she won't go talk to a professinal she this is what i got to work with.

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    She may refuse to talk to a professional, but it may benefit you to talk with a professional about your relationship and to get some clarity. You may also benefit from journaling about how you are feeling. Your feelings will not go away instantly and journaling will allow you to express and process and understand them - and yourself - better. Find something fun to do. for example if you always wanted to learn to play guitar, take some lessons and practice. If you enjoy drawing or painting, do that. It is about enjoying the process, not about being the greatest artist on earth. You might like to go to a gym, if you do not already do so. Or, if you like cooking, do that. You may also want to consider volunteering somewhere, whether you ring a bell for the Salvation Army for a few days or visit people in a nursing home or something else. The exercise will help increase your seratonin levels so that you feel better. Since your marriage is in a large part out of your hands for now, it is especially important that you find things that you DO have control over and enjoy doing while you are processing what is going on in your life and in your relationship. You can do it. This is a perfect opportunity for you to become reacquainted with the wonderful person that you are. Best Wishes to You.

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    You've only been married a month after being together for 7 years and she needs space?

    I'd spend my time finding a good divorce attorney and moving on with my life. If she won't go to talk to a professional and wants out after that little bit of time being married, she is not committed to your relationship at all.

    Good luck.

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    Spend time with another woman. The only reason she is giving the space line is in case it doesn't pan out with the other guy she is seeing and she will have you as a backup.

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    Keep coming here and answering questions.

    Find stuff to do that she doesn't like to do.

    Watch TV shows she doesn't like,, go to horror shows, or whatever.

    You can do it.

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    Get a part time job to fill your empty hours.

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    just give her space.. when she's ready to talk to you, she will..

    good luck!!

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