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I really really need help! MY GOLDFISH IS EITHER CHOKING OR OKAY... BUT I THINK CHOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Okay I fed my goldfishes pellets but it seems like it's choking. I can see the pellets inside their mouthes... and then one of my fish's mouth kind of looks swollen or something like bigger when he gulps water. I NEED HELP!!


I get really annoyed whenever so little or no people answer these questions!!! >:(


Update 2:

yeah but i really need to know what will happen to my fish!

Update 3:

It's been happening for quite a while and i still see that round pellet in his mouth

Update 4:

his mouth keeps on opening REALLY wide more than usual!!! I want him to live... is he choking? I can see chunks in other fish too :'(

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    He should be fine. Next time, try floating the pellets in some tank water before feeding him. It will soften them and he won't gulp as much air with them when he eats.=

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    You should cut that pellet in half then if he is having a hard time swallowing it. All fish will try to eat things bigger than they are sometimes like that. I have never owned a goldfish before(and i pride myself on that) but my Cichlids do it allot. They will open their mouths tons of times until they are able to get it down. LOL god forbid they spit it out and try to re-chew it.

    Don't take your fish to a vet like people suggested, that would just be dumb. If the problem continues for 3 days then try to remove it yourself. Just hold the fish steady in your hand and get a paper clip and bend a small hook on the end and then just pull it out.

    This will work I have done it when I had fish swallow fish they shouldn't have. For the money a vet will charge you, you could buy 100 more goldfish. I'm all about sentiment but not when it over rules practicality. Good Luck

    Edit: Don't feed goldfish flake food. They are not supposed to eat it and will Develop swim bladder problems from any food they have to gulp air to eat.

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    He is going to be fine (unless the pellet does not come out) because fish use their gills to breathe and not their mouths.

    Feed smaller pellets that they can swallow whole cause thats what goldfish do.

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    Your Goldfish should be ok, just maybe grind down the pellets so they are smaller and then feed them to him/her.

    You might also consider giving them flakes.

    Or get some aquarium salt, and add it to the tank with your next water change. This might help because the salt improves vitality and promotes disease recovery.

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    Yes your right, they probably are choking on the piece of food. What they are trying to do is spit the food out, you may see little pieces of food being shot out of there mouth. But I would just take some tweezers and take out the pieces, be careful not to shove the piece down farther. And if you don't feel comfortable doing it, go to the vet.


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    Grind the flakes and pellets up before u feed it to them. You can get pour the contents from a dispenser into a ziplock bag and crush it that way.

    Best of luck.

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    How big is your fish'es mouth? If it is a tiny fish rather put him in a bucket of his own tank water and take him to either your vet or petshop. They would help you remove the food if it is stuck. Please don't try and do it yourself, you might just injure him and then you will never forgive yourself.

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    This might sound a little stupid, but if he's still choking then i would personally take him to the vet. They can always examine him and take care of whatever is wrong with him.

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    I do not know how to answer this myself, but try calling Petsmart and talking to someone over in the fish department. I know the people at my local Petsmart are very knowledgable! Use this link to find the closest one to you & you can get the phone number:

    I hope your fish is ok!!!!!!

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    give him normal fish food (flakes) they are easier for them to swallow and if you want them to live dont feed them pellets if it is the same in both fishes mouths,i hope they get better soon =]

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