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Christmas Present ideas for kids?

My husband and I are currently working on some Christmas gift ideas for our families. I'm trying to think of some ideas for our niece and nephew. I was thinking for our niece we could get her some type of an educational reading book to help her master her reading skills a little better. She is around the 2nd or 3rd grade age level. Are there any websites or any place online that would have something like this? Is there any type of books you would reccomend?

For our nephew he's a thinker and he loves to learn new things. He's around the 1st or 2nd grade level. I was thinking for him we could get him something to do with history or science or inventions or something like that (preferrably a book or a game). Are there any websites or any place online that would have something like that? Is there anything that you would reccomend?


Lexie Rivette that is not what I was looking for!!!

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    you could get something like leapfrog leapstart - fun and educational

    for books, here's a list of some that aren't exactly educational, but they are entertaining and appropriate

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    My kids always enjoyed the interactive learning toys. One of their favorites was a Fisher Price cassette tape player with a built-in microphone, but that was long ago ;-) Nowadays there are kid-proof digital cameras and dvd players, I'm thinking they are by Fisher-Price as well. Leap Frog has a wide line of cool looking learning toys for kids. Yeah, my kids are grown now...but I'm still not. LOL Good luck, Val.

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    Hope this help.

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    pointy butcher knives


    shards of glass

    hot wax

    hope i helped :)

    merry christmas!!

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