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Hermit crabs don't eat real food?

I rescued both of my hermit crabs from someone who neglected them. They had been eating the nasty pellet foods that are processed and proven unhealthy and unnatural.

I know they are scavengers by nature and eat natural foods (I've seen them in their natural habitat). Mine won't ever try any. I've tried fruit, lettuce, oats, nuts, dried fruits- not even a nibble; even when I roll it in ground up pellets. I don't want them to eat the pellets, they barley do anyway. How can I get them to eat better?

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    give them time they just may need time to settle. and they may be eating when you are not watching. Try foods like Natrual peanut butter, egg shells, any type of fish, or shrimp. Mine go crazy for sea food. Shark is one of their favourites.

    You can buy krill, brine shrimp, and packaged meal worms at a pet shop if you don't want to be feeding fish from your fridge.

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