What is the best way to teach my friend English?

Ok, so I'm trying to teach my new friend English per his request. He can understand a lot but has a hard time speaking it. He speaks Spanish and I do not. I'm not sure what to try to teach him 1st, 2nd or 10th. I can speak/understand very little Spanish....whatever my memory has stored from high school. Any tips? Would love some help!


He is 24 yrs old and has lived in the states for 2 yrs. So he has picked up quite a bit of English. Funds are limited, so a class is not an option right now.

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    Speak slowly and clearly, which does not mean LOUDLY...pick up objects and say their names in English and then look at him to say it in Spanish, you will both learn a lot of nouns pretty quickly, by continuing to do this. Gradually string some things together...like this "book" and he says "libro" and you say "I want the book" and he says "Yo quiero el libro" and before you know it, with enough practice and emersing one another into each other's languages you will have picked up enough to get by, practice is the only way to get this done. Spend a day memorizing nouns and then figure out the conjugation of verbs later...

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    Noam Chomsky is a renowned linguist, he can pick up languages within hours by using a technique he developed by looking at key words. You can tech your friend English and he can teach you spanish in return. Some spanish words are singular to english, try starting there. Agua (Aqua) Latin water (english) Spanish and English derived from some latin. Ola (spanish) Hello (english) instead of finding the uncommon areas try looking at the common ground. He is your friend so their must be some thing of interest sports, cars whatever, talk about it in english...

    try watching a movie that you two agree on so he can learn english that way. Last but not least there are cheap computer programs that teach english as well if you have access to a computer. It will take time and do not give up easily.

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    If you had the money I would say enroll him in class would be the best way, but if funds are short, You should watch some of his favorite movies with closed captioning language set to english. So when he watches the movie in spanish that he knows well he can see exactly what they are saying in english... or the other way around watch english shows with closed captioning in spanish. I would start with simple shows like childrens television depending on what level of english he is at already. But as he advances movie up to regular television. Alot of people learn through television, it will not teach him everything, but it will help him get down alot of the english langauge, hope this helps!

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    They have some really great online language programs now, that can assist him, as well as you helping to teach him. You might also try doing movements while saying the word loud and clear. For example: jog in place while saying, "run". You can also show him pictures with the word listed below, or while saying the word. A good idea would be to take him out for a drive, and point at many different things and telling him what each is. Make him repeat the word after you. Then, go home or to his house and have him write the word and draw a picture / act it out to give him a chance to try it. Good luck!

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    how old is this friend? It will take a long time if he is older to learn another language. My best advice is to teach him common words that relates to words of his language. You may need to brush up a bit on your spanish to help also. I learn cognitively so visuals are really good.

    I hope you get your friend to speaking this great language!

    Good Luck

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    You can use several methods. One get hooked on phonics for him. Two get him an english tutor. Third get you some books on how to teach english and that way you can teach him.

    Hope i helped ‼Emmy Lou‼

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    Just speak to him in English and MAKE him try to speak it. That's the easiest and fastest

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    Flash cards, Cat in the Hat and TV

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    start with the alphabet(its slightly different)

    then vowels

    the the little words.

    the the rules like "ch" makes a cha sound etc.

    teach him like kindergarten,.

    start from the bottom and go up.

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    start with the simple words like instead of saying hello instead of hola and other simple words, then slowly add more into your conversations

    i have a mate who is on exchange from germany and i help her whenever i can

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