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Xbox 360 Network Connection Question?

Ok, so i have and Xbox 360 and a computer in my room. My PC is using a wireless connection from a Belkin Network adapter. Is there any way to make a bridge from my PC's wireless connection to a wired connection from my PC to my xbox. If you don't have a way don't answer, theres no point of me hearing no. If you know how please explain or give me a link that will explain it. Thanks :)

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    Not without the Xbox 360 adapter... I know because I wondered the same thing before.

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    i think of of you particularly needs to coach a sturdy prompt router like linksys to get prompt cyber internet flowing on your place and don't use a working workstation or workstation to proportion it. fairly connect each and all of the instruments directly to get prompt cyber internet and for you workstation get a prompt card and make it cord much less to....and interior the adventure that your x field no longer able to get ip from dhcp attempt rebooting your router and disconnect and reconnect each and all of the cables it is going to artwork. or replace it

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