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what is my dream all about? never usually dream just last night?

i dreamt that i was chosen to do a task of riding a boat with lots of food to be tranfered to other station.kinda hard at first but eventually made it perfectly.then it stop there.what's the connection of a man out people he chose me to do that n felt something nice out of it n then ryt now im under stress with lots of things happened to me.work, home n im too far from my husband n child.what is it?i never get dream usually.just last night.i'm old adult now.the last time i had a dream is when im just a teen

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    In a phrase- wish fulfillment- you wish to carry food and help to your family. Now attend to your imagery- the boat (travel) that must convey you over waters (emotions) that are rough at first but ultimately calm.

    You're unclear about the man and what he represents: sorry I can't help there, but you are agreeable (feel nice) about your task.

    Um, I'd guess that your dream got slugged by your realization of your situation- tho it appears to be powerful enough to break thru to your awareness. Hey, I'd see it as a message- that you will win thru to calmer, happier times as you rejoin your family.

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    >>honestly each person goals each and every night time when you get to REM Finally, anyone else who "is aware of" One of the goals I don't forget (vaguely) from final night time is; I was once running alongside this dock that was once external of a few lodge. The dock was once nearly maze-like given that it had a few exclusive intersecting paths. I was once running in the direction of the water with my again to the lodge (which I believe was once fairly a gigantic cruise liner that was once anchored) whilst I heard a gigantic crash. I grew to become round and there was once a massive send that had collided with ours and was once coming instantly down the dock I was once running on. Everything occurred in sluggish movement. I was once walking looking to break out from the opposite send and it was once snapping forums in part at the back of me. I controlled to get to the top of the dock by the point that send stopped relocating. The leisure I do not don't forget a lot, nevertheless it worried me having to avoid wasting all people that was once stranded on all of the docks considering I was once the one person who would swim. Another dream I had final night time, I was once over at my ex's apartment and was once speakme to him approximately our son whilst his face out of the blue converted into the bouncer at this bar that I pass to. I suggestion it was once bizarre and I appeared into the replicate beside him and spotted that he had converted once more. I checked out him yet again and over the direction of 10 seconds or so, his face simply stored morphing into exclusive men and women that I do not know. Suddenly, he grew to be a ninja (o_O) and I was once terrified. So I bumped into his bed room, grabbed the youngster, escaped from the window and ran throughout his again backyard to in which there was once a gap within the fence I would get by way of. The complete time I was once walking I stored telling myself to not seem again considering it could sluggish me down. I awoke after I acquired by way of the fence.

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