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should marijuana be legalized in the u.s why or why not

should the drinking age be lowered to 18 why or why not

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    Marijuana should be legalized for a number of reasons:

    First, it is less addictive than alcohol or nicotine (with addictive being defined as the body going through physical withdrawal symptoms).

    Second, it's impossible to overdose on marijuana. No one has ever died from smoking too much marijuana.

    Third, decriminalizing marijuana would ease the congestion and costs in our country's prisons for people who are being jailed for marijuana-related offenses. Also, law enforcement would save money by not having to enforce marijuana possession or smuggling laws.

    Fourth, the government can highly tax the sale of marijuana and regulate what's on the market. Marijuana would then be a controlled substance like alcohol and tobacco are today. The money raised through taxation can then be used for drug awareness and treatment programs.

    Finally, critically ill patients who rely on marijuana to relieve their symptoms can get the relief they need without living under the specter that they're breaking a federal law.

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    1) Yes, marijuana is relatively harmless, definitely less harmful than alcohol and that's legal. The reason it became illegal was because of a guy who didn't like Mexicans, and people associated marijuana with Mexico. It's based on racism. There's no logic behind the law.

    When you make a substance illegal you create criminals and crime. They tried prohibition with alcohol and it didn't work, but they didn't learn their lesson and they still prohibit marijuana. It's not working now either.

    2) Yes, old enough to go to war and die for the country but can't drink? Doesn't make sense.

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    People who say marijuana should be legalized clearly haven't seen or don't know what extensive use, or nasty skunky sh*t can do to people, but yes i agree that the original reason why it's illegal is stupid and that it can be seen that it's not as dangerous as alcohol, but the sad truth is that it's never going to be legalized, who ever much it should be.

    and yeahs the drinking age should be 18 and is wear i live. (uk)

    legalize it.....

    it worked in hollland??

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    YES!!!!I believe it should be at least decriminalized.Drinking and driving are what kill people.And I also believe the drinking age should still be 21 UNLESS you are in the military. If pot were decriminalized there would be laws, such as age ,governing the use of it. So you might not be able to fire up that blunt till youre 18 or 21

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    I believe that marijuana should be legalized b/c it's not addictive and has NOTHING on other drugs.

    Alcohol should stay where it's a dangerous thing. There are already too many kids running around drinking and making huge fools of themselves...

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    why are you asking a question that you already know the answer to?

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